What is a Serviced Apartment?

serviced apartment

A serviced apartment is a fully-furnished apartment that offers flexible contracts and amenities included in the rent. Unlike hotels, the guests of serviced apartments often stay for a month or much longer. They offer a more comfortable living situation and have living rooms, equipped kitchens, and bedrooms.

If you’re planning to stay somewhere mid-to-long-term, you will find that there are many advantages to choosing serviced apartments. You would have more space for yourself, stay somewhere that feels like a home, and save money. Plus, you will get to enjoy all the services and amenities that are included.

What is included in a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments are designed to ensure that you feel right at home during your travels, business trips, or relocation. You can stay for a few days, a couple of months, or even longer if you want to. Since they operate on flexible terms, you will not be bound to a rental contract.

Here is what you would get in a serviced apartment:

Furnished studio or flat

Serviced apartments are furnished and move-in-ready. They come with an stocked kitchen or kitchenette that includes pots, pans, flatware, and additional cooking essentials. Most of them also have other appliances such as microwave ovens, irons, dishwashers, in-unit laundry machines, hair dryers, and coffee makers.

In a studio, you will have a bed in your living area, and in a one-bedroom apartment (or larger), your bedroom will be independent of the living space. Both studios and one-bedroom apartments will have a separate bathroom — often ensuite. There will also be linens and towels waiting for you when you arrive so you will have nothing to do but unpack and get settled.

Dedicated working space

If you choose a serviced apartment tailor-made for remote work, you’ll also get a fully-equipped home office rig. It will come prepared with high-speed WiFi, comfortable office chairs, height-adjustable desks, monitors, and video conferencing gear, so you can be sure to work efficiently during your stay. 

Utilities included

Especially in a foreign country, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to navigate through paying bills, finding the best internet providers, and figuring out how to pay. If you rent a serviced apartment, all the utilities, such as electricity, water, internet, security systems, and cable TV will be included in the price you pay. And of course they’ll already be set up for you, too.

Luxury amenities and services

Amenities and services depend from apartment to apartment. Let’s take one of the most popular apartments on Anyplace as an example. Located in the East Village of San Diego, it includes housekeeping, private parking spaces, an outdoor swimming pool, business conference room, BBQ grilling area, sky deck, fitness center, and a clubhouse. Most serviced apartments will provide access to some pretty sweet amenities, like the ones mentioned above.

Who are serviced apartments geared toward?

If you’d like to have everything hotels offer plus the privacy of your own home, serviced apartments are the perfect option for you. Plus, staying in hotels long-term works out to be quite a bit more expensive in the long run — not only the rate but you would need to get take-out or go to restaurants for most of the time as well. 

Guests of serviced apartments often include:

Corporate employees on contracts

While on a business trip, many employees prefer serviced executive apartments instead of hotels. Since these trips sometimes take months, it’s more comfortable for employees to have the privacy of a home. After a tiring work day, they can chill in the lounge, head to the apartment’s gym, or take a couple of laps in the swimming pool.

Remote workers

Remote workers require excellent WiFi, a legitimate workspace, and specific office equipment. Whether they are relocating or going on a workation, it’s always best to stay somewhere where they can be ultra-productive. Thanks to specially designed work-friendly apartments, remote workers can start working at their new homes as soon as they get their keys.


Relocating to a new place is challenging and carries a lot of important determinations. What is the nicest area to live in? How safe is it? Is it easy to meet new people? Does the overall vibe of the neighborhood match your preferences?

By renting a flexible-term serviced apartment before making a final decision, relocators have the time to figure out all of the answers to these questions. On top of that, they can test out a few distinct neighborhoods to resolve which one is the most suitable for their needs. 

Slow travelers 

Instead of spending a short amount of time in various places, slow travelers choose to stay for a longer period of time in one destination. Not only is this more sustainable, but it also helps travelers experience a destination more like a local and less like a tourist. 

Many slow travelers opt for temporary serviced apartments since staying in a single hotel room or hostel dorm room for months is not comfortable. In an apartment, they would have more space to cook, store their belongings, and have friends over.

Digital nomads

Digital nomads work remotely while traveling the world. During their travels, they can work from anywhere — be it at their home base, in a coworking space, or in a cafe. For those who prefer to work at home, serviced apartments are a solid choice, especially if it includes a dedicated working space.

Serviced apartments are also often located in popular districts which makes it possible for digital nomads to move around and get to know the area. For example in New York, there are many apartments in districts like Chelsea and the Financial District.

Which one are you?

Are you an employee going on a business trip, a digital nomad, or a remote worker? Or maybe you just want to travel at your own pace and stay in one location for a while without having to sign a lease. In any case, if you’re looking for accommodation that feels like home and allows you to travel light, serviced apartments are a fantastic option to keep in mind.

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