Flexible Terms: Test Out A City Before Moving Permanently

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Maybe you’ve been here before: You’re feeling the itch to move and think you know exactly where you should be. You visited Los Angeles a few years ago, had an amazing trip, and regretted leaving. Or you’ve been romanticizing about living in The Big Apple for so long and think “now is my time”.

You’re ready to book your flights or prepare your car for the road ahead. The only missing piece is figuring out what you should do about accommodation.

Now there’s always a possibility that things might not go precisely as planned. You might love your new home even more than expected but it’s also possible that you’ll decide you don’t want to be there permanently. Hauling a ton of stuff across the country or even a state away is challenging and stressful, too. 

How can you find a place that will be affordable, allow you to pack light, and also provide the right amount of flexibility so you can adapt if change your mind?

The best solution: opt for a flexible-term furnished apartment.

Why renting a flexible-term apartment is a good idea

If you want to make a more informed decision about the place you want to live in, it’s probably best to find something temporary in the beginning. This way, you can test out the city for a few months and decide if you still want to move there permanently.

Here are some advantages of renting flexible-term apartments:

1. You get a real feel for the city.

You might have spent a weekend in a city like San Diego a while back and thought it was fantastic. But the truth is, your experience as a traveler is quite unlike what it is for an actual resident. When you stay for a longer period of time, you get to glimpse real life beyond tourist attractions and a vacationer’s point of view. Is it easy to meet people? What’s the city like in different seasons? Do you thrive on the fast-paced nature of a metropolis? These help you understand if your new location truly suits you.

2. You can explore different neighborhoods.

Most cities have a diverse set of popular neighborhoods. For example, in San Francisco, you’ll find a ton of distinct neighborhoods, like the Mission District, North Beach, Nob Hill, Rincon Hill, the Sunset, and more. They’re all interesting in their own way but they also definitely have unique vibes.

Before choosing your permanent accommodation, you might want to consider testing out several temporary apartments in various neighborhoods of the city. This way, you can explore the surroundings and decide which area you want to live in.

3. You’ll get the opportunity to live like a local.

Every city has a distinguishable feel and gaining an in-depth perspective is only possible with time. By staying for a couple of months, you would be able to experience things that only locals do. In other words, you’ll see how daily life is and in a way graduate from tourist to local. For example, your Sunday mornings as a visitor in Lyon might be visiting the fine arts museum whereas as a resident, it will be more like going to a local food market to buy some fresh vegetables, a baguette, and cheese.

4. You can travel light with minimal luggage.

A flexible-term apartment will be furnished and move-in ready, which alleviates a lot of stress from trying out a new city. You don’t have to buy furniture, bring cookware, or buy towels or linens. Everything will be set up for you – even utilities and internet.

This allows you to use all of the space in your suitcase for necessary items such as your clothes and a laptop. And in some accommodations, you can benefit from having remote work equipment, such as a desk, screen, wireless mouse, and other useful office gear.

Since you will have everything ready in the apartment, you can take the opportunity to pack light and carry your luggage around easily.

5. You don’t have to make a big decision right away.

Moving somewhere permanently is a huge decision. By starting with a flexible apartment, you’ll lower the pressure on yourself. If you decide that the city is not for you, you’ll have saved a lot of money as you won’t be bound to a long-term rental contract. If you love the city and find a permanent place, you can leave the flexible apartment at any time or decide to extend your stay. 

In any case, staying in a temporary place for a couple of months gives you a better idea of the city and helps you decide what to do next. Plus, it saves you time and money.

6. You can get a flexible apartment on short notice.

If moving to another city is a last-minute decision, no problem. There are many flexible and temporary apartments on the market. Even on short notice, it won’t be too hard to find one that you like.

Plus, if you decide to look for a permanent place in the city, your temporary home might come to your rescue. It’s often more difficult to find a permanent apartment, even for locals. While you’re doing your research, you can extend your lease in your temporary apartment and stay there until you find your next place.

7. You’ll have a hassle-free move-in.

Bills? Internet? Buying furniture? All while discovering the city and deciding if it will be your new home? If this sounds like too much work, it’s because it is! Luckily, flexible-term accommodations are move-in ready so that you can focus on getting settled in, doing your best work, and exploring. 

8. If you work remotely, moving into a flexible-term apartment is fairly easy.

Your apartment will not only be furnished, but it will also be remote work-ready. You won’t need to take any time off from work. There will be WiFi and a comfortable workspace to ensure that you stay productive while working remotely.

You can start working as soon as you get your keys and once you’re done with work, you can get out to discover the city.

The key = finding temporary housing

Anyplace has many flexible-term apartments that are lease-free and move-in ready, including one-bed and studio apartments in popular metros across the US. After you pay online and your stay is confirmed, you can simply arrive and relax in your furnished apartment.

All the Anyplace accommodations are tailor-made for remote workers. No matter what type of apartment you stay in, you will have an ergonomic chair, standing desk, ultrawide monitor, and high-speed WiFi.

Having a great time in your new location but still not sure if you want to move permanently? No problem! With flexible terms, you can extend and continue to stay as long as you want.

Where to next? Find monthly rentals designed for remote workers on Anyplace.

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