The Best Workation Destinations: 6 US Cities to Consider

A workation destination featuring the stunning skyline of Denver framed by majestic mountains.

Today, the lines between work and play are becoming increasingly blurred, thanks to remote work and a new trend that has emerged—the workation. Gone are the days when the office was confined to a cubicle, and the idea of adventure was reserved for the weekends. 

Workation, the perfect blend of productivity and exploration, allows you to tackle your work responsibilities while enjoying a new city, and its local flavors, sights, and the experiences it offers.

For corporate travelers, digital nomads, and remote workers, use this guide as a roadmap to the best workation destinations in America.

Key Considerations For The Best Workation Destination

But first, let’s take a look at some of the important factors to consider when choosing a workation destination. It’s essential that the location you choose aligns with your goals and preferences. 

Work-friendly environment

Look for cities that embrace the remote work culture, with co-working spaces, reliable WiFi, and a community of like-minded professionals. A conducive work environment is essential for a successful workation.

Accommodation options

Research cities with accommodations that cater to remote workers. Platforms like Anyplace offer fully equipped home offices, facilitating a productive work routine.

Weather and season

The climate can significantly impact your workation. Choose a city with weather that complements your preferences and enhances your work-life balance.

Recreational outlets

Prioritize cities with green spaces, parks, art hubs, and outdoor activities. Balancing work with relaxation contributes to a well-rounded workation.


Consider the ease of getting around the city. Efficient public transportation and walkability can enhance your overall experience.

The 6 Best Workation Destinations In The US

Here’s your golden ticket—a list of six US cities that promise an unforgettable workation experience:

An aerial view of Central Park in New York City, perfect for a workation.

1. New York City

Best time to visit: Spring and Fall

From the iconic sights to the artsy neighborhoods, NYC buzzes with energy that fuels creativity. Whether it’s the bustling Times Square or the calming Central Park, you’re sure to find your rhythm. NYC is also a hotspot for business and networking—every conversation holds the potential to open doors, spark collaborations, and unveil unforeseen avenues for professional advancement.

Spring and fall are prime time for NYC. Enjoy pleasant weather and the city’s vibrant energy as you work and explore.

An aerial view of the city of Miami, Florida ideal for a workation.

2. Miami

Best time to visit: Winter

Miami’s winters are a pleasant escape from the cold. Imagine taking a coffee break under the warm sun and trading snow for sand. The city’s mild winter climate offers the perfect environment to boost your productivity and mood.

After business meetings, stroll through Wynwood Walls, visit the Perez Art Museum, or treat your taste buds with Miami’s diverse culinary scene. Immerse yourself in colorful mural-filled streets and art districts, and let Miami’s contagious energy fuel you to get through every productive day.

Seattle skyline at sunset with Mt. Rainier in the background, perfect for a workation.

3. Seattle

Best Time to Visit: Spring

Tech innovation meets serene landscapes in Seattle. Amidst virtual meetings and coding sessions, the calm waters and distant mountains offer a peaceful backdrop—not to mention a view of cherry blossoms in full bloom in the Spring. 

Balancing work and leisure is effortless in Seattle. After strategizing and brainstorming, the city invites you to explore local parks and waterfront spots, where calming views and fresh air make up a perfect escape. Seattle seamlessly blends productivity with relaxation, reminding you that nature’s beauty is never too far away.

A city skyline is reflected during a workation by a body of water.

4. San Diego

Best time to visit: Summer

Imagine a workation where your office window frames the Pacific horizon. San Diego is your gateway to this blend of productivity and beachside bliss. Make its golden beaches your alternate workspace and the sound of crashing waves the soundtrack for your tasks.

Take conference calls, then step onto the sand for a refreshing breather. Here, work-life balance takes on a new meaning. As you soak in the beach vibes and carry out your tasks, remember that you’re not just working, but embracing a lifestyle. 

A workation spot featuring a lake with a central fountain.

5. Denver

Best Time to Visit: Summer and Fall

In Denver, your workation happens against stunning peaks. Think of swapping your usual office setup for serene hiking trails during breaks, giving you moments to recharge in nature’s beauty. 

Virtual meetings get a new twist in Denver. Imagine discussing things with a view of panoramic mountain scenes from your window. The city’s beautiful sights change how you connect virtually and bring a sense of calm to your work setup. Let Denver’s creative energy add a spark to your workation.

Griffith Observatory workation in Los Angeles, California.

6. Los Angeles

Best Time to Visit: Spring and Fall

Los Angeles, renowned as the entertainment hub, offers more than glitz and glamor—it’s a haven for creative souls. Beyond the allure of Hollywood, LA is a space for artists, thinkers, and innovators, making it an ideal workation destination to fuel your professional journey. 

Ditch your usual home office setup for LA’s unique workspaces. Picture yourself typing away at a beachside café, or collaborating with fellow creatives in vibrant co-working spaces that LA is known for. 

A workation desk with a view of a city.

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