Temporary Housing: A Closer Look at Short-Term Accommodations

A temporary bedroom with a bed and desk, offering a view of the city.

Relocating to a new city? Traveling for work? Changing your neighborhood? In all these situations, you will need to find short-term accommodation that is flexible, comfortable, and ideally, homely. With all the temporary housing options available, it’s not hard to find somewhere that checks off all the boxes. 

What is temporary housing?

Temporary housing is the type of accommodation that is used for a short duration. Many relocators, digital nomads, business travelers, and travel nurses benefit from this type of housing. As these people typically don’t plan to stay in a new location for an extended period of time, committing to a lengthy lease isn’t always practical. And since short-term apartments are usually fully furnished, they offer a hassle-free solution.

With temporary housing, relocators gain time to test out the neighborhood before finding a long-term place, digital nomads get remote-work-friendly apartments, business travelers stay in comfortable corporate apartments, and travel nurses enjoy the convenience of flexible contracts.

What should I look for in short-term accommodations?

Cost is an obvious one but it’s far from being the only factor to consider in temporary accommodations. Everyone’s personal circumstances call for a different type of housing. For example, families need a bigger place, dog owners need a pet-friendly apartment, and remote workers need somewhere with a good internet connection, preferably with a dedicated workspace.

Here is what to think about before clicking “book:”


If you have to commute, you might want to check the apartment’s distance from your workplace. Even if you’re working remotely, it’s important to research the area to see if it matches your expectations. For example, for temporary housing in NYC, a busy neighborhood like Midtown would only be suitable for people who enjoy the hustle and bustle of a big city. 

Alternatively, if you’re in between jobs or changing apartments in the same city, you might consider renting a temporary apartment that is located in the neighborhood you want to live in long-term. This way, you get a real feel of what it’s like living there.  


Will a small hotel room do the job? Or will you need more space to relax, work, cook, or store your belongings? For professionals who have fast-paced careers or for those who need to carry a lot of equipment, such as film crews, a bigger place would be better.

Flexible terms

Especially in situations where the length of your stay is uncertain, prioritize accommodations with flexible rental terms. This way, you have the freedom to change your plans, without being bound to paying a lease you don’t need. You can extend your stay or leave early when needed. 

Furnished vs unfurnished

It’s normal that you don’t want to invest in furniture for a place you’re renting temporarily. Renting furnished would make the most sense, and offer a hassle-free experience. 


Fast and reliable internet connectivity ensures a smoother experience with no interruptions. This is a must for remote workers who depend on the Internet to hold virtual meetings, send emails, and do day-to-day tasks.

Additional costs 

Do you need to pay any bills separately? Is there a parking fee? To avoid any disappointments, make sure that what you see at the check-out is the final price or take into account any of the additional costs.


We just talked about disappointments. Now it’s time to talk about quite the opposite: those “wow” factors of an accommodation. Temporary housing can be quite comfortable — in fact, it can be more than just basic comfort. Especially in big cities, you can find many luxury temporary apartments with top-notch amenities. These include security, wellness spaces such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and saunas, rooftop terraces, coworking spaces, and stylishly designed interiors and exteriors. 

Reviews and ratings

If you’re booking from a marketplace website, make sure to check the reviews. Chances are, people with similar circumstances as yours have already stayed in the same place. Their experience can guide you in deciding whether the apartment is right for you. For example, if you’re working remotely and the reviews say that the WiFi was a bit dodgy, the place may not be the right match. 

What different types of accommodations can be used as temporary housing?

From furnished apartments to hotels, there are many types of temporary accommodation options. The best one would depend on your unique needs and duration of stay.

Flexible-term furnished apartments 

By using websites like Anyplace, you can view flexible-term luxury apartments that are suitable for various types of people looking for temporary housing. Designed with remote workers and digital nomads in mind, our apartments have dedicated workspaces, gigabit WiFi, and virtual meeting setup. Thanks to our comfortable furniture and wide range of amenities, we also host business travelers, travel nurses, film actors and crew, traveling athletes, and relocators.


Hotels are popular options for people who want to stay only for a few days since they offer comfortable beds, housekeeping services, and flexibility. While they are a practical temporary solution, they might cost more than apartments for stays that are up to a couple of weeks. Plus, apart from some extended-stay hotels, most hotels don’t have a kitchen which means that you will need to spend more money in restaurants.


A budget traveler’s favorite place. With the possibility of meeting new people and saving on costs, staying in a hostel can be fun. However, if you’re relocating with a lot of suitcases, traveling for business, or looking for more space, it’s not the most comfortable option.


Subletting, or in other words, renting a room or apartment from someone who is away temporarily, can be a win-win situation. While it can be practical and budget-friendly, there might be legal loopholes that might leave you out of charge. 

Say hello to your temporary home

Whether you’re in between jobs, moving cities, or traveling, temporary housing can be a life-saver. Remote workers, relocators, travel nurses, and many other professionals enjoy Anyplace’s temporary homes, our flexible contracts, and special amenities. Find your future temporary home in New York, San Francisco, San Diego, or Los Angeles.

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