Neighborhood Guide: Live Like a Local in Midtown, Manhattan

A view of midtown with tall buildings.

Have you always wanted to live in the heart of New York City? Stretching from 34th Street to 59th Street and from 3rd Avenue to 8th Avenue, Midtown is the perfect place for those who want to have a classic NYC experience. A few minutes away from the Empire State Building, right in the middle of the hustle and bustle, and also not far from the famous Central Park.

What is it like to live in Midtown?

Midtown is the center of action, business, and fun in New York City. You will be surrounded by major business hubs, towering skyscrapers, and world-class restaurants while you have easy access to green spaces and cultural institutions. As you walk around the neighborhood, you will spot places where your favorite movies were shot and iconic landmarks that the whole world knows. 

Centrally located in the middle of Manhattan, Midtown offers great public transportation options. After you explore the classic NYC landmarks in the area, you can take the subway or the bus to explore more of the city. This makes Midtown an exciting place for digital nomads and young professionals who don’t necessarily have a car.

What to do in Midtown?

1. Visit Times Square.

Full of color, tall billboards, and shiny neon lights, Times Square is a quintessential NYC experience for tourists and locals alike. Keep in mind that this area will always be crowded since it is the most popular NYC attraction. If you’re overwhelmed by crowds and bright lights, consider visiting early on during the day when it’s likely to be less crowded.

There are many interesting events in Times Square throughout the year, including the New Year’s Eve ball drop. If you’d like to attend an event, make sure to plan ahead.

2. Chill at Bryant Park.

Take a stroll at Bryant Park which adds greenery to the busy business district of the city. With the stunning backdrop of the NYC skyline in the background, you can enjoy the park’s outdoor seating while you catch up with your friends. The park also hosts many activities, such as juggling classes, yoga lessons, and board game events as well as shops and restaurants that are open all year round.

3. Visit the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Would you like to see Van Gogh’s Starry Night in person? It will be just a couple of minutes away from your new home in Midtown. Arguably the best modern art museum in the world, MoMA has a diverse collection featuring the works of artists from all over the globe.

4. Take a walk on Fifth Avenue.

Discover the world of upscale boutiques located on Fifth Avenue. Home to luxury brands such as Bergdorf Goodman and Tiffany & Co, this avenue is a fashion lover’s paradise. Whether you’re into shopping or not, this avenue is an iconic spot.

5. See a Broadway show at New York’s Theater District.

In Midtown, you can find New York’s famous Theater District where many Broadway theaters are located. From critically-acclaimed musicals such as The Lion King to exciting plays such as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Broadway shows are worth exploring.

6. Visit the Empire State Building.

This world-famous landmark is located right in Midtown. Especially if it’s your first time in NYC, you cannot miss the Empire State Building, which offers panoramic views of the beautiful city.

7. Explore Midtown’s food and drink scene.

Although it’s a tourist spot, Midtown offers a wide range of food and drink options that are locals’ favorites. From casual food spots to upscale restaurants, it is possible to find cuisines from all over the world. For fine dining, head to Gabriel Kreuther, Le Bernardin, or Marea. For a classic steakhouse experience, try Porter House, Quality Meats, or Keens Steakhouse.

For sushi, visit Sushi Yasuda, Sushi 35 West, or the Chemistry Room at Sushi Lab. There is something for everyone! Last but not least, discover the rooftop bars in the area and enjoy the best views of the NYC skyline while sipping your cocktail.

8. Admire the architecture of the historic Grand Central Terminal.

Maybe it will be part of your daily commute on your way to your new favorite coworking space. But while you’re waiting for the subway, take a minute or two to enjoy the Beaux-Arts style design of the Grand Central Terminal. 

9. Explore the nearby neighborhoods.

Just a short distance away, you can explore the trendy bars of Hell’s Kitchen, enjoy the vibrant art scene of Chelsea, get a taste of the high-end lifestyle of the Upper East Side, and take walks at Central Park, probably the world’s most famous park.

How to find remote work-friendly accommodation in Midtown?

As a remote worker or an employee on a business trip, your needs will be different from someone who is just there for a couple of days. You will need reliable WiFi, a kitchen where you can cook, and a place that will feel like home.

The best way to ensure that your NYC apartment will fit your needs as you work and discover the city is to get a serviced apartment. With a fully-equipped kitchen, fast WiFi, and other amenities such as housekeeping, private parking spaces, and coworking areas, these apartments are designed as flexible-term, hassle-free accommodation options. 

Anyplace offers serviced apartments in New York City, including in Midtown. All the flexible-term apartments offer a fully-furnished space, including a remote work setup. 

The best place for a full NYC experience?

Experience luxury living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, while you’re a few minutes away from the city’s most iconic landmarks, subway lines that will get you to other neighborhoods, and trendy restaurants. While you make the most of the NYC attractions, we’ll make sure that you’ll have a comfortable workspace at home. 

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