Home Away From Home in Alexandria

Find a flexible-term furnished month-to-month home away from home in Alexandria. All rentals come with utilities, WiFi, and amenities included.

About Alexandria

A city full of fascinating history and a culture all its own, Alexandria was first founded by Alexander the Great around 331 BC. It's believed, though, that the area was populated long before this time, as human activity has been shown in the area as far back as the 27th century BC. Alexandria served as the capital of Egypt (under various rulers) for nearly 1,000 years and has long been one of the most important cities in Africa. It was a major center of Christianity in its early days and is now one of the world's most important trading centers. Today, Alexandria is home to approximately 5.2 million people. Alexandria is known for being the location of several key landmarks over the centuries, including the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Necropolis, among others. There are also numerous places of worship for major religions including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Alexandria is also considered a hotspot for higher education and is a major transportation hub offering travel by plane, boat, car, taxi, commuter rail, tram, and more. Cultural sites like galleries and museums sit along nearly every street, and the architecture here truly must be seen to be believed.

What is a Home Away From Home Property?

A home away from home is a rental property that feels as comfortable as it is in your own home. It’s a place that you can put your feet up on the couch, cook your own meals, and do your laundry whenever you please. But while keeping your usual routine at home, you can also get outside and explore Alexandria.

Why is Alexandria a Great Place For Finding a Home Away From Home?

Alexandria is a city that offers something unique every single day, perfect for travelers of any interest. This city has been such a powerhouse for so long that it's no surprise many people have this destination on their bucket list. The economy is stable for workers in nearly any profession, the neighborhoods are unique and welcoming, and the abundance of entertainment options means it's nearly impossible to get bored. A stay in Alexandria is sure to expose travelers to unique cultures and ways of life every day.

What is There to Do in Alexandria?

Alexandria is a truly fascinating place with tons of unique historical attractions to explore. The Citadel of Qaitbay, the Montaza Palace, Serapeum and Pompey's Pillar, and the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa are just a few of the most popular sites. The city also has a number of museums for an even more in-depth look into Alexandria's past, including the Alexandria National Museum, the Greco-Roman Museum, and the Royal Jewellery Museum. Cultural attractions abound in this city, with one of the most famous destinations being the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Visitors and residents can see a show at the Alexandria Opera House, catch a football match at Alexandria Stadium, or enjoy the lively atmosphere of El Mamurah Beach. Alexandria strikes a truly amazing balance between maintaining its proud history and introducing modern attractions and amenities for all to enjoy.

Home Away From Home Accommodations in Alexandria

For people who want to explore Alexandria, Anyplace hosts the best properties in the city. All our rentals offer convenient access to properties with full kitchens, strong wifi, and amenities to make your time relaxing, productive, and immersive. Check out our extensive selection of monthly furnished apartments, cabins, beach houses, condos, and more in the most popular neighborhoods in Alexandria.