Executive Housing 101: A Guide for Corporate Travelers

A group of executive business people walking through a lobby with luggage.

A demanding schedule, high-pressure decision-making, and frequent travel—these are simply par for the course for the top brass of a company or organization. Indeed, the executive life is not one for the fainthearted. But on the other hand, it does offer pretty impressive perks, such as a substantial compensation package, stock options, comprehensive benefits, and of course, access to executive housing

If you’re an executive embarking on corporate travel or gearing up for a fresh assignment in a new city, the right executive housing can provide the comfort and convenience you need to perform at your best. But with a million and one things to attend to—and then some—a little help can go a long way. We present this practical guide to help you clinch the perfect home to meet your temporary executive housing needs.

What Is Executive Housing? 

Whether you prefer to search for temporary executive housing on your own or leverage the capabilities of your administrative assistant, a quick revisit may be in order. So, what does executive housing entail?

First off, executive housing is a privilege offered by companies to their high-level executives, such as CEOs, directors, or senior managers. In short, people in the “suite life.” They usually belong to the upper management, who make critical and strategic decisions for the organization. This means that their contribution in terms of knowledge, skills, and experience are considered invaluable. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to providing executive housing, companies typically offer higher-end, fully furnished accommodations, often including luxury amenities.

Executive housing may be provided for corporate relocations, extended business trips, or while an executive is in between permanent residences. Additionally, corporations might provide executive housing as part of a recruitment package or as a perk for top performers. It’s seen as a way to facilitate the mobility of key personnel as well as to attract and retain the best talent within competitive industries.

Why Not Settle for a Hotel or Airbnb? 

Although some of the features of executive housing rentals do overlap with other housing options, there are clear distinctions. 

For instance, Airbnbs ordinarily cater to general travelers like tourists and business staff and are designed for short-term stays. Their amenities also vary widely from extremely basic to high-end. However, quality and experience can differ greatly, even between properties with similar price points. Also, not a few b&bs are located in areas farther off main thoroughfares or city hubs. Another problem that persists for Airbnb stays is the issue of safety and security. 

What about long-term stays at hotels, you ask? Hotels may take it up a notch in comparison to Airbnbs. Many offer a wide range of amenities, such as gyms, pools, daily housekeeping, and room service, and are often situated in central or convenient locations. Yet, such accommodations are customarily more expensive for long-term stays vis-a-vis executive housing.

One main disadvantage, particularly for a lot of executives, is the lack of the personal and homey feeling that sets executive housing rentals apart. Another is that hotels are not necessarily designed for remote work, and often do not include a full-size desk or even private, high-speed internet.

The Benefits of Choosing an Executive Housing Rental

Why executive housing rentals, then?

Here are some of the primary reasons why executive housing can be the best choice for you: 

1. Ideal Location

They’re usually in upscale neighborhoods or in prime-city locations that are in close proximity to the company’s main office building. This means easy access to essential business centers and a vibrant social scene right at your doorstep. 

To this end, a flexible housing platform like Anyplace can serve up many sought-after locales. You can place yourself near Wall Street or the bustling tech hubs with executive housing in New York. Or you can opt for an executive apartment in Los Angeles close to Hollywood’s entertainment industry or the energetic downtown area. Into tech and the startup scene? Executive housing in the heart of downtown San Francisco is your ticket. And if you’re a beach-loving corporate traveler, executive housing in San Diego will keep you thriving.  

2. Premium Amenities

Executive housing rentals are typically fully furnished with deluxe appliances, housekeeping, and security for the utmost comfort and convenience. And if you’re moving with a family, these options can accommodate family members, making transitions smoother.

3. High Level of Personalization

This type of executive housing rental is more customized to satisfy individual needs and meet company policies. For instance, it can provide a home-like environment with kitchen, laundry, and living spaces, so you don’t feel like you’re living off your suitcase. Some executive housing options you can look at include: 

  • Serviced Apartments. A blend of hotel and apartment features, these provide regular cleaning and room services and often come with publicly shared amenities like fitness centers and business facilities.
  • Executive Homes and Apartments. These are stand-alone residences that are normally part of gated communities. They offer more space and privacy, with luxury furnishings and features like private pools, gardens, and garages.
  • Luxury Condominiums. As a rule, such high-end condos in prestigious areas provide services like 24/7 security, concierge, fitness centers, and spa facilities.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Comprehensive packages can be more economical than hotel stays, especially for extended periods. Plus, there are potential tax benefits for companies and employees.

5. Reputation and Branding

Choosing executive housing rentals also showcases an enviable standard of living that can help recruit and retain high achievers. It reflects positively on the company’s image, which can be an effective strategy for any corporation looking to strengthen and maintain its prestigious image and brand position.

6. Professional Conveniences

Because they are designed to accommodate the key performers of a company, executive housing rentals are expected to have well-equipped office spaces. Any long- or short-term executive housing worth your while should have high-speed internet and technology support for remote work and meetings

Just a few considerations, though, before you decide. You might want to note that typical executive housing rentals usually require a commitment to either a medium or longer-term stay, which means less flexibility. Also, properties under this category, which are considered prime real estate, might not be as widely available as hotels or Airbnbs in some locations. However, with Anyplace, you can enjoy flexible booking options from a minimum of 30 days onwards—without the hassle of tedious leases. Plus you’ll never run out of viable choices in your favorite cities.

Top Tips for a Stress-Free Executive Housing Search

You’re likely familiar with the major factors to consider, such as location, price, and amenities. Having gone this far up the ladder, you also probably know that a little due diligence can go a long way, such as researching, reading reviews, and verifying security measures. But to beef up your preparations some more and help you achieve an optimally delightful experience, we’ve rounded up a few nuggets of wisdom from the experts: 

1. Read the Fine Print

Contracts are like old friends; you really should get to know them well. A surprise in executive housing can be as unwelcome as last quarter’s earnings report.

2. Emergency Escape Routes

We’re talking about leisure, not fire safety. Know the local spots to escape work for a while; a nearby park or art gallery could be a sanity-saver.

3. Door-to-Door Dry Cleaning

You’ve got deals to close, not clothes to wash. Look for services that free up your time for the important stuff, like choosing which suit says “successful.”

4. Consider a Concierge Service

Sometimes, a little professional help can mean a world of difference. This isn’t cheating; it’s just outsourcing the minutiae.

5. Think of Long-Term Relationships

If you love the place, consider a longer lease. It’s like discovering your favorite restaurant and deciding to become a regular.

6. Ask about the Neighbors

Your next-door neighbor might just be your next big client or worst competitor. Choose wisely; it’s more than just a barbecue invite at stake.

Score the Ideal Executive Housing with Anyplace

There are no two ways about it—executive housing is the perfect choice for your organization’s key figures and hard hitters. But executive housing rentals aren’t created alike. You have the usual options, and then you’ve got Anyplace. 

At Anyplace, you can be confident knowing that you’ll get accommodations with the optimal work environment and amenities to ensure next-level productivity and comfort. Let us make your executive housing decision easy—discover what we can do for you.

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