Corporate Relocation Housing: Finding the Perfect Place

A relocated living room featuring a blue rug and hardwood floors.

Corporate relocation can be a crucial strategy for higher productivity and growth. For instance, it helps companies and organizations ensure that suitable people are in place to staff key projects or set up new branches. Or it can deliver learning experiences for promising personnel by developing cross-cultural competencies. 

In some forward-thinking companies, employees are directly involved in selecting their new home when reassigned. Imagine being able to choose the perfect, furnished place wherever you’ll be relocated. Exciting, right? 

But if you’re that employee and the pressure is on for you to find the ideal place within a set timeframe, it can be quite the headache. This practical guide can be your lifeline in navigating the maze of corporate relocation housing. Time’s ticking, so let’s get down to business.

But First, What Is Corporate Relocation Housing?

Typically, this type of housing is intended for a broader range of employees with varying levels of seniority within a company. These include those relocating, in training, or on temporary assignments. The options are generally comfortable and often fully furnished to provide a functional living space that feels like home. 

Then there’s the location, typically chosen based on convenience and workplace proximity. The stays are generally short-term, from a few weeks to a few months, though they can be flexible. 

How to Choose the Right Temporary Relocation Housing for You

1. It’s All in the Details 

Of course, you’ll certainly want to ensure your new home meets your basic needs. For example, if you’re moving with family, you’ll want to examine local school ratings and daycare centers. You might also require specific accessibility features like ramps for wheelchair access or bathroom grab bars. If you decide to bring your furry friends along, scouting for nearby veterinary services would also be a wise idea—just in case.

All work and no play… you know the rest. An ideal scenario would be in a building or house that can accommodate a few of your hobbies. If you paint in your downtime, you might want to look for a space with natural light or even proximity to specialized art supply stores. Are you an avid cyclist? Then easy access to nearby trails or bike paths can keep your wheels spinning in the right direction.

Remember why you’re there in the first place, which is work. And this means having an ergonomic office setup tailored to your specifications. If remote work is part of the plan, a strong and reliable internet connection is a must. Worried about not meeting all your requirements? Rest easy with Anyplace, which provides move-in-ready, furnished apartments with amenities like: 

  • Lightning-fast gigabit-speed internet
  • Stocked kitchen with cookware and appliances
  • In-unit washer and dryer
  • Desk setup – ultrawide monitor, standing desk, work chair, keyboard, and mouse
  • Video conferencing setup – webcam, microphone, and collapsible green screen
  • Private or public parking
  • On-site laundry
  • Private fitness centers 
  • Professional housecleaning
  • Fresh linens
  • Co-working areas 
  • Rooftop decks with views

2. Location Is Everything   

There’s a reason they always say “location” thrice. And that’s because one’s commute can mean all the difference – between a forever-frazzled employee and a perpetually productive one. Take the time to investigate public transit routes, bike paths, or major highways, and use online tools to calculate travel times during peak hours. 

Local amenities play a vital role, too. Proximity to grocery stores, gyms, healthcare facilities, and recreational areas adds convenience and enhances your quality of life. Don’t overlook the vibe of the place. Some prefer a bustling urban environment, while others seek tranquility in a suburban setting—all while keeping your office location in mind. 

With Anyplace, you won’t have to worry about finding a great place in a desirable location. You’ll find corporate housing destinations in major cities across the US

3. Be Smart: Ask for Help 

Finding that perfect, furnished nest for your corporate relocation doesn’t have to be a solo expedition through the real estate jungle. Why not call in the experts? Whether it’s collaborating with a boutique relocation agency that knows the local scene inside-out or tapping into the move-in ready offerings of platforms like Anyplace, there’s specialized help to match your taste, career needs, and lifestyle ambitions. 

Your company’s Human Resources may even have its little black book of contacts and tools designed to make your move seamless. Let’s not overlook the online influencers, blogs, local community websites, and forums that know exactly where to find those hidden gems. 

But note that while all these can offer invaluable insights, there’s no substitute for an in-person visit if feasible. So, walk the streets, talk to potential neighbors, and observe the general safety and upkeep of the area. 

For effortless house-hunting, choose a work-friendly rental on Anyplace where it’s as easy as booking a hotel room.

4. Leases: Understanding the Fine Print

Lease agreements lay down the rules between tenant and landlord, aiming to prevent conflicts. So it’s critical to read the fine print. For instance, a fixed-term lease offers security but may entail penalties for early exit.

On the other hand, a month-to-month contract is more flexible but can mean less stability. In addition, it’s vital to examine details like rent amount, due dates, late fees, security deposits, and termination conditions to ensure a smooth relocation housing rental experience.

A relocated living room with brick walls and a tv.

Experience the Comfort of Home with Anyplace

Your home will always be your sanctuary, where you can work optimally and enjoy life to the fullest. With Anyplace, we can make that happen with temporary housing rentals built for a work-from-anywhere generation.

Whether you require corporate relocation housing for 30 days, 62, 95 days—or even longer— we have you covered with luxurious, move-in ready, furnished apartments. Hit the ground running and get your productivity soaring in no time.

Where to next? Find monthly rentals designed for remote workers on Anyplace.

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