Partner Spotlight: Aleph

Joe Frabotta

by Joe Frabotta

Our mission is to make a world in which people can live anyplace, and simply put, we wouldn’t be able to do that without our terrific partners. They help us expand our flexible-term housing options across the globe, in turn, giving you more places to explore and live. That said, we feel they should get some love!

So, we’re going to aim the spotlight back on our partners from time to time; to share a bit about their company, the destinations where their properties are located, and some photos of the co-living spaces, furnished apartments, and extended-stay hotels they’ve added to Anyplace.

This week, we’re giving it up for Aleph, a partner that has supplied stylish, bright and clean co-living spaces in Brooklyn.

Aleph creates and manages beautiful homes with amazing roommates in the heart of Brooklyn. And, we agree with their mission 100%.

“We believe life should be about actually living it. That means spending time doing what fulfills us, pursuing lofty ambitions, leaving a mark, not bogged down by chores of day-to-day life (like paying multiple bills, cleaning, waiting for wifi setup, etc). With Aleph, you’ll be more free to do what moves you and to create a life you love.”

Aleph in Brooklyn

The rumors are true, Brooklyn pretty much has it all—unique boutiques, cool bars, Michelin-star restaurants, world-renowned museums, famous music venues, and of course, the tastiest of pizza (Roberta’s, Emmy Squared, Juliana’s, Speedy Romeos… the list goes on and on). It’s also an incredibly diverse borough, with a variety of neighborhoods to suit your individual style.

Aleph has provided Anyplace with a bunch of affordable co-living options in Bushwick and Stuyvesant Heights. The homes are styled by top designers with a focus on beauty and functionality. And they come with everything you could need—fully furnished, with housewares included. You’ll also get weekly cleaning, which is a huge bonus. Did we mention the places look great, too? Check out some of their co-living spaces below.

Flushing Avenue Co-living

Harman Street Co-living

Madison St. Co-living

Malcom X Boulevard Co-living

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Joe Frabotta

Joe Frabotta


Joe Frabotta is the Director of Marketing at Anyplace. He's a part-time nomad, traveling + working throughout the year but also having a home base in the mountains of Asheville, NC. When he's not working, you'll probably find him playing guitar, doing a section hike on the Appalachian Trail, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

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