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Furnished Apartments

What Are Furnished Apartments?

Furnished apartments are exactly as they sound — apartments that come with all the amenities and furniture that will help you live comfortably. You can rent them for a long period of time at a better rate than if you were staying in a conventional hotel for the same duration.

They have become popular among young students and professionals who tend to move around and complete their work or studies remotely.

How Do Furnished Apartments Differ From Hotel Rooms?

Furnished apartments have more in common with conventional living spaces than hotel rooms.

Beyond offering a bathroom and bedroom, they generally feature a fully-functioning kitchen with all the essentials for cooking meals, a washer and dryer for laundry, and strong Wi-Fi to withstand video calls, streaming, and uploading. Furnished apartment options are also considerably cheaper than paying for a hotel room for the same amount of time.

What Are The Benefits of Staying in Furnished Apartments?

Before you decide if a furnished apartment is right for you, it’s worth considering the distinct advantages you can benefit from if you rent one.

Freedom and Flexibility

As we mentioned, furnished apartments come with your own fully functioning kitchen. This means you have the freedom to make your own meals rather than relying on surrounding restaurants and take out.

No Pressure to Buy Furniture or Decorate

You also benefit from a move-in ready apartment, meaning you don’t have to pay for furniture or decorations. However, there’s nothing stopping you from putting your own temporary stamp on your apartment if you want to hang pictures or rent an ergonomic chair.

Longer Than Hotel Bookings, Shorter Than Traditional Leases

Thanks to the modern workplace, many people do not know how long they will be staying in one city, whether that be for a couple of months or a couple of weeks. As leases on furnished apartments tend to be shorter than conventional apartment leashes, you have more freedom to up and leave without incurring hefty charges.

Experience a Less Stressful Form of Moving

Let’s face it — moving can be stressful. Avoid the hassle and anxiety associated with moving furniture by choosing to live in a furnished apartment. You don’t need to invest in a huge truck to carry all your belongings. Instead, moving may just involve taking a few boxes or a suitcase from your current accommodation to the new place.

Is a Furnished Apartment Right for You?

Choosing a furnished apartment comes down to your personal taste and what your needs are. On Anyplace, we advertise a number of furnished apartments with different price points around the world.

Why Book a Furnished Apartment With Anyplace?

Similar to when you apply for a year-long lease, many furnished apartments ask you for your financial information, run a background check, and request a down payment even if you’re only staying for one month. Through Anyplace, you only have to go through our streamlined process once and then you have access to any furnished apartment around the world.

In addition, prices are always guaranteed, so you won’t find a lower price for the same property anywhere else. We also have a perks program that tenants will have access to when they book, which means you’ll have discounts to local services like laundry, co-working spaces, food, and much more right when you move in.

Some of the top furnished apartments our customers have stayed at are in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.

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