Extended Stay Hotels in San Francisco

Find flexible-term extended stay hotel rooms in San Francisco. Fully furnished with a kitchen, workspace, WiFi, and amenities included.

Monthly Hotels in San Francisco

Find flexible-term extended-stay hotels in San Francisco. Anyplace's long-term hotel rooms in San Francisco each come fully furnished with a kitchen, WiFi, and luxurious amenities for optimal comfort and convenience.

Ah, San Francisco, the city of dreams and endless possibilities.

The rich demographic landscape reflects its commitment to diversity so expect to be captivated by the multitude of languages and the eclectic range of festivals celebrating everything from Chinese to Latin American heritage.

And the food—San Francisco's culinary reputation is stellar, shaped by global flavors and local pride. Every bite is an authentic gastronomic experience, whether it's the time-honored sourdough bread, the groundbreaking Impossible Burger, or the ocean-fresh seafood.

Finally, the view. Offering a unique architectural style with Victorian houses and modern high-rises, San Francisco is defined by iconic hills offering panoramic vistas at every turn. Spoil yourself with the breathtaking beauty of the cityscape, the shimmering bay, and the rugged coastline. Or delight in the Golden Gate Bridge, the Palace of Fine Arts, and other architectural marvels.

But this list merely scratches the surface. “Fog City” also boasts some of the most sought-after housing in the U.S., making it a desirable place to live and work. Among these are monthly hotels in San Francisco.

The term "hotel" typically suggests superior comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury, promising an enjoyable and stress-free stay. However, this deluxe experience usually comes with an exceptionally plush price tag, even for long-staying guests. That's because standard hotel rates are calculated on a daily basis.

But with monthly or extended stay hotels catering specifically to guests staying for longer periods, you can enjoy premium value for your money. Plus, you don't have to be tied to tedious contracts typical of other housing alternatives.

Long-term stay hotels allow potential residents to make reservations—not leases—so they offer a flexibility that most apartments and other living situations do not. For instance, you can pay monthly instead of the usual six-month or one-year lock-in rates. You won't have to worry about furniture, appliances, or any other necessities either—these are all provided for you. This way, your temporary residence can feel like home! Many of these extended stay hotels also offer additional services, such as laundry, free meals, and even special events for their guests.

For business and leisure travelers, as well as anyone relocating, transitioning from military service, or simply working on temporary projects, long-term stay hotels are indeed a great choice. Most importantly, you get the safety and security of a traditional hotel, which is usually staffed around the clock. This makes long-term hotel rentals an equally fantastic option for solo travelers.

"If you're going to San Francisco..." be sure to wear some flowers in your hair—and be prepared for sticker shock. San Francisco consistently ranks as one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, it often lands a top spot on various "Best Places to Live" lists. That's because of its high quality of life, booming job market, and, of course, premier extended stay hotels for discriminating individuals.

Strategically situated near key public transit systems like the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), San Francisco's long-term hotels offer seamless access to both the city's vibrant districts and nearby areas like Oakland and Berkeley. Their proximity to major business hubs, shopping centers, top-notch restaurants, and entertainment venues makes them ideal for those who want to be right at the heart of the action.

And with the thriving tech scene, your long-term stay hotel in San Francisco will likely be a short drive away from innovative high-tech companies and startups, particularly in Silicon Valley. This connection to technology and innovation appeals to professionals and entrepreneurs looking to tap into this dynamic business environment.

In the “Golden City,” you'll never run out of opportunities to explore and moments to savor. Are you looking to make the most of your time in the Bay Area and get excellent value for your money? Discover superior extended stay options in San Francisco with Anyplace.

Experience the Ultimate Extended Stay in San Francisco

If you're searching for an extended stay hotel in San Francisco, Anyplace offers the best apartment-style living with the strategic location, flexibility, and convenience of a hotel. All of our suites typically have a comfy bedroom, private bathroom, living area, dining or bar area, and a fully equipped kitchen. Business travelers or relocators who work from home can boost their productivity with a workstation complete with an ergonomic desk and chair, video conferencing setup, and high-speed internet. Other on-site amenities often include continental breakfast buffets, housekeeping services, laundry rooms, fitness centers, and even grocery delivery services. And with all-inclusive rent, your utilities are taken care of, so you can chill amidst the stresses of urban life. What's more, with long-term hotels in San Francisco, you don't have to commit to a specific duration. Feel free to extend as your needs change. So, whether you opt to stay for 32, 63, or 94 days, you're absolutely in control. Ready to move into your quintessential extended stay hotel in San Francisco? Anyplace has partnered with hotels in the most popular neighborhoods throughout the city so that you can find the perfect fit for your discriminating lifestyle. Check out our extensive selection today.