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Hotel $1,500

16 Derb Wihah Sidi Abdel Aziz, 40000, Morocco

Riad Dar Ourika

Private Room

Minimum stay is 30 nights

Hotel $1,700

N°96، Derb Sidi Massoud, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Ryad Boustane

Private Room

Minimum stay is 30 nights

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About Marrakesh

Marrakesh, one of the largest cities in the Kingdom of Morocco, is the capital of Marrakesh-Safi. The city sits at the base of the Atlas Mountains, whose snow caps can be seen from anywhere in the area and are an iconic symbol of the city. It was founded centuries ago in 1062 and is considered one of the most important cities in the country in terms of economic value and tourism.

As one of Africa's busiest cities, tourism has flourished over recent years. It has the largest market in Morocco where street vendors sell everything from traditional hand-made carpets to the latest electronic devices. This market leads to the most famous square in Africa, the Jemaa el-Fnaa. The square is internationally recognized as an urban icon and carries visitors through a cultural Marrakesh and Moroccan experience. Its beautiful scenery draws in tourists, such as the Ourika River and various fruit trees producing fresh oranges, figs and pomegranates.

Stunning architecture is scattered around the city, most made of clay and chalk giving Marrakesh the nickname the "red city." With dozens of high, elaborate gates and towers that are embellished with traditional Marrakesh detail, tourists from all over the world flock to the city limits to see them. There are also many gardens, lakes, palaces and mosques that the city is famous for. If that's not enough, some of the most beautiful hotels in the world are held in Marrakesh with nearby theaters, museums and live music venues.

What is an Extended Stay Hotel

Extended stay hotels offer apartment-style living with the flexibility and convenience of a hotel. Your suite will typically include a bedroom, bathroom, living area, desk or workstation, fully equipped kitchen, and a dining or bar area. On-site amenities often include continental breakfast buffets, housekeeping services, laundry rooms, fitness centers, and even grocery delivery services.

Extended stay hotels offer additional discounts on monthly stays, making them an affordable option for longer term accommodations.

Although extended stay hotels cater primarily to business clients, due to their increased amenities many travelers prefer them for leisure travel as well. Extended stay hotels are the perfect option for anyone looking to experience the comforts of home alongside the convenience and amenities of a hotel.

Extended Stay Hotels in Marrakesh

Marrakech is the cultural heartbeat of Morocco whose name evokes the sights and sounds of the medina, mysterious performers, ancient architecture, and a blend of cultures. Nestled between the Mediterranean Coast and the Sahara Desert, Marrakesh has entranced wandering travelers with its immense mosques, lavish palaces, and beautiful gardens. The city remains one of Morocco’s biggest tourist destinations and residents welcome visitors from across the globe.

The Djemaa el-Fna is where the action unfolds and where you can put your haggling skills to the test for spices, rugs, handicrafts, leathered goods, and other souvenirs. Outside the medina, modern neighborhoods like Gueliz, Hivernage and the Sidi Ghanem Industrial Quarter are home to chic bars, classy restaurants, fashionable boutiques, and art galleries. Traditional riads are the popular living quarters in Marrakesh, but locals and expats can also find villas, apartments and residential homes.

Looking for the ultimate in convenience? Extended stay hotels allow potential residents to make reservations - not leases - and offer a flexibility that most apartments and other living situations do not. You won't have to worry about furniture, appliances, utilities or any other necessities - these are all provided for you, allowing your temporary residence in Marrakesh to feel like home!

Extended stay hotels are a great option for both business and leisure travelers, as well as anyone who is relocating to Marrakesh, transitioning from military service, or simply working on temporary projects. The safety and security of a hotel - which is usually staffed around the clock - make them a great option for solo travelers. This sector of lodging continues to grow as both the job and housing markets adapt to the country's changing priorities and values. To keep up with the increasing demand for flexible and comfortable housing options, extended stay hotels expertly focus on providing elevated communal and residential living to their temporary residents. Many of these hotels now offer additional amenities such as laundry service, free meals and even special events for their guests.

Marrakesh offers many great extended stay hotels to choose from in both the city's core neighborhoods and its many suburbs. So if you're looking to make the most of your time in Marrakesh without breaking the bank, take a look at your extended stay options for a simple solution that is both comfortable and affordable.

Extended Stay Hotel Options in Marrakesh

For those looking for extended stay hotels in Marrakesh, Anyplace hosts the best properties in the city. All of our hotels in Marrakesh offer amenities such as fast WiFi, comfortable beds, housecleaning, and more with convenient access to the city. And with with all-inclusive rent, your utilities will be taken care of, allowing you to live in Marrakesh at an affordable price. If you'd like to begin the process of moving into your next extended stay hotel, check out our extensive selection today. We partner with hotels in the most popular neighborhoods throughout Marrakesh.

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Weekend in Marrakech

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24 SECTEUR 059027 13 DB, Derb El Ferrane, Marrakesh


4.1 (1223)

Km 4 Route d'Amizmiz, Marrakech

Jama El f’na

4.1 (482)

Passage Prince Moulay Rachid, Marrakech

Musée Tiskiwin

4.3 (100)

8 Rue de la Bahia, Marrakesh

Menara Gardens

4 (2970)

Les Jardin De La Menara، Marrakesh

Saadien's Tombs

4.1 (5866)

Rue de La Kasbah, Marrakesh