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What Does Co-living Mean?

Co-living is a modern version of a very traditional housing idea. It involves many people living together within one shared space. It’s designed to encourage a spirit of collaboration and interaction with one another. Many co-living spaces are run by companies and have been created for young people who are moving to expensive cities but need to stay in a place that they can afford. Many co-living spaces are run by companies and have been created for young people who are moving to expensive cities but need to stay in a place that they can afford. At Anyplace, we offer co-living spaces for people looking to experience and benefit from this new form of housing. Here you’ll learn more about co-living spaces including who should consider this type of accommodation and what to expect from staying at one.

What Are Co-living Spaces Like?

Although there may be layout and amenity differences from one co-living space to the next, there are some core features that are found in the majority. It’s typical for co-living residents to get their own bathroom and bedroom. All other areas in the property, like the living and cooking areas, are shared.

What is the Purpose of Co-living Spaces?

Taking it from a practical point of view, co-living spaces help young professionals afford a reasonably comfortable place to live as everyone all the expenses, like the living space, are shared. While the prices are different depending on the city, they are always cheaper than more conventional monthly rent prices.

What Co-living Spaces Are Not

Many people misunderstand co-living spaces picturing them as student dorms, hostels, and even hippie communes. Though co-living spaces may share some characteristics with these other types of accommodations, co-living spaces are different because they’re geared to modern, working, young professionals.

What Are the Benefits of Staying at Co-living Spaces?

One of the biggest benefits of co-living spaces is the affordable cost. Depending on the property, residents usually benefit from having their own bathroom and bedroom along with shared kitchens, dining rooms, and at most, gardens, media rooms, pools, and even fitness centers. Having these facilities helps residents save money on the typical costs of living alone by bundling everything together.

What Amenities Do You Get at Co-living Spaces?

As noted briefly above, another major benefit of co-living spaces is the access to shared amenities, that are usable by all residents. If you’re looking to own a property with a fitness room, hot tub, or even pool, or simply want a large kitchen, this is possible with co-living spaces. Other shared amenities normally included are WiFi, game consoles, and all the bathroom supplies and kitchen supplies you need for a comfortable living area.

Who Will You Meet at a Co-living Space?

Generally, people who move into co-living spaces form deep and meaningful relationships with their fellow residents. In time, as relationships develop and people get to know one another, a support network is created between people who have common goals, experiences, and values.

Why Book with Anyplace?

Similar to when you apply for a year-long lease, many co-living spaces ask you for your financial information, run a background check, and request a down payment even if you’re only staying for one month. Through Anyplace, you only have to go through that process once and then you have access to any co-living space. In addition, prices are always guaranteed, so you won’t find a lower price anywhere else. We also have a perks program that tenants will have access to when they book, which means you’ll have discounts to local services like laundry, co-working spaces, food, and much more. Some of the top co-living spaces our customers have stayed at are in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.