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Hotel $1,700 - $2,000

103, Bd Roudani, Route El Jadida Casablanca 20390, Maroc

My Loft Anfa

Suite Deluxe

Minimum stay is 30 nights

Hotel $2,000

103, Bd Roudani، Route d'El Jadida, Casablanca 20390, Morocco

Avenue Suites Hotel Apartments

Suite Executive / Deluxe / Privilège

Minimum stay is 30 nights

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About Casablanca

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco - and one of the largest in the Arab world - with almost 4 million inhabitants. This port city on the Atlantic Ocean has roots going back more than 2,500 years to the 7th century BC. Made famous in part by the iconic movie in 1942, Casablanca is also a popular tourist destination. Rick’s Café, which modeled itself after the piano bar in the movie, seeks to recreate the romance and intrigue of 1940s Casablanca – which never actually quite existed outside of a Hollywood sound stage.

The real Casablanca is loud, large and gritty – but still worth a visit. Like most other Moroccan cities, the historic central Medina is a huge draw for locals and visitors alike. The rest of the city wasn’t fully developed until the early 20th century under French colonial rule. Modern day Morocco is a titan of industry and business, with many international companies setting up shop in the city.

Casablanca is also a popular destination for surfing due to the quality of the Atlantic swells and an abundance of surf schools and shops. The waterfront Corniche district is one of the most popular locales for socializing, shopping and dining. Other attractions include the landmark Hassan II Mosque, Quartier Habous (New Medina), Morocco Mall (the 2nd largest in Africa) and Parc Sindibad.

What is Co-living

Co-living, also known as co-housing, house-sharing, or room-sharing, is a growing trend in big cities across the country. Co-living is when a group of people—often strangers—come together to share common living spaces, save money, and enjoy a more affordable lifestyle. Apartment buildings dedicated to co-living situations will offer 2 or 3 bedroom units with common areas including a living room, kitchen and dining area. Bedrooms and bathrooms may be private or shared.

Co-living differs from a typical shared rental (roommate) situation in that co-living spaces are frequently furnished, don’t require long leases, and almost always include WiFi and utilities. They can also include housekeeping services and some even offer catered functions for tenants, housemates, and their guests. Co-living property managers handle billing and repairs of the building, generally through an app.

The typical demographic enjoying a co-living lifestyle are millennials and young professionals in large cities and tech hubs such as San Francisco or Austin, but they are also starting to pop up in cities around the world. People of all ages who find themselves in need of affordable housing are increasingly looking to co-living as a viable option.

in Casablanca

Casablanca is Africa’s financial powerhouse and Morocco’s primary business hub and industrial center. The city enjoys a mild climate, and its location on the Atlantic coast invites beachgoers and surfers. Casablanca boasts an intricate blend of architectural styles and a diverse culinary scene due to the influence of multiple ruling empires throughout history.

The cost of living is much lower in Casablanca compared to other cities around the world. Although the city can get congested, the tramway provides a more comfortable means of getting around. With a booming job market, Casablanca’s population is still growing, and housing options include apartments, studios, duplexes, and beachfront properties.

If you're looking to save money and live with like-minded people, co-living is often the perfect solution. Casablanca benefits from a host of unique co-living spaces that allow residents to enjoy an exciting communal living experience.

For those moving to Casablanca, co-living is an excellent way to reduce rental costs and increase engagement with others. Many co-living spaces have extremely flexible leasing arrangements that make it easy to stay mobile. You won't have to worry about setting up utilities, purchasing furniture, or signing long-term contracts. Co-living in Casablanca has enabled many residents to access excellent neighborhoods without breaking the bank.

Many new entrants to the co-living space find that it's an excellent way to meet new people and enjoy new experiences. In a city like Casablanca, co-living offers a superb route to building new relationships and enjoying an authentic stay in the city.

Co-living Options in Casablanca

Anyplace simplifies the process of finding the perfect co-living space in Casablanca. Our platform hosts many of the top co-living venues in the city. New residents can explore a variety of rooms online and apply for a spot that fits their needs. With high-quality, trusted properties, you won't waste time and money looking for the perfect room.

All of our co-living spaces include furniture and amenities. We offer a "turn-key" opportunity to find a great place with enjoyable housemates. Check out our co-living Casablanca options directly on our site!

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21 Rue Abou Al Mahassine Royani, Casablanca

Parc Sindibad

3.9 (3453)

Boulevard de l'Océan Atlantique, Casablanca

Hammam Ziani

4.1 (362)

ex Boulevard d'Alsace, Casablanca

Bouskoura forest

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14 Boulevard de la Corniche, Casablanca

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19 Rue de Rome, Casablanca