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About Beirut

Lebanon's capital Beirut has a bumpy history that dates back more than 5000 years. Yet, despite its turbulent, war-torn history, Beirut survives, rebuilds, and moves forward. Beirut is a unique destination where opposites live side by side. Its dizzying mix of past and present, modern and ancient, chaotic and luxurious, make the city an exciting place to explore. Don't expect to relax here; it's too crowded and noisy for that. But you can expect an enchanting atmosphere, fascinating historical sights, impressive nightlife, and welcoming and friendly locals. The best way to discover Beirut is by strolling through the different neighbourhoods: visiting museums, pausing at local cafes, and snapping photos of landmarks. Since Beirut was ruled by Phoenician, Roman, Arab and Ottoman civilizations, history and architecture lovers will be dazzled by the Roman Baths, medieval walls and Ottoman Clock Tower, and beautiful mosques and churches found throughout the city. In addition, Beirut is the fashion hub in the Middle East, so shopaholics and fashionistas can peruse local and international designer stores. Meanwhile, Lebanese food is mouthwatering, and foodies will have fun trying the best local dishes. Beirut's location on the Mediterranean at the foot of the mighty Mount Lebanon means the city has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with mild and rainy winters and hot and humid summers.

Co-livings Spaces in Beirut

Beirut is the most expensive city to live in in the Middle East. The city’s high cost of living can make it challenging to find an affordable, and most importantly, a safe and secure place to stay. As a remote worker wanting to stretch your budget without compromising comfort, convenience, and safety, co-living in Beirut may be the answer. Choosing to stay in a co-living space in Beirut means you can discover all the treasures this vibrant city has to offer while saving money on rental costs. You’ll avoid the hassle of signing long-term rental contracts, setting up utilities, and buying furniture. There are several co-working spaces in Beirut. Beirut Digital District, ALBAB creative coworking, and antwork offer a professional and comfortable working environment, high-speed internet, and a welcoming and collaborative community of entrepreneurs and freelancers. As a digital nomad living in Beirut without a car, you can explore the city by walking and taking the bus. Taxis and rental cars are readily available, too. To keep your monthly grocery bills to a minimum, buy Lebanese items. Western and Asian products tend to be expensive.

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Anyplace simplifies the process of finding the perfect co-living space in Beirut. Our platform hosts many of the top co-living venues in the city. New residents can explore a variety of rooms online and apply for a spot that fits their needs. With high-quality, trusted properties, you won't waste time and money looking for the perfect room. All of our co-living spaces include furniture and amenities. We offer a "turn-key" opportunity to find a great place with enjoyable housemates. Check out our co-living options in Beirut directly on our site!

What is Co-living?

Co-living, also known as co-housing, house-sharing, or room-sharing, is a growing trend in big cities across the country. Co-living is when a group of people—often strangers—come together to share common living spaces, save money, and enjoy a more affordable lifestyle. Apartment buildings dedicated to co-living situations will offer 2 or 3 bedroom units with common areas including a living room, kitchen and dining area. Bedrooms and bathrooms may be private or shared. Co-living differs from a typical shared rental (roommate) situation in that co-living spaces are frequently furnished, don’t require long leases, and almost always include WiFi and utilities. They can also include housekeeping services and some even offer catered functions for tenants, housemates, and their guests. Co-living property managers handle billing and repairs of the building, generally through an app. The typical demographic enjoying a co-living lifestyle are millennials and young professionals in large cities and tech hubs such as San Francisco or Austin, but they are also starting to pop up in cities around the world. People of all ages who find themselves in need of affordable housing are increasingly looking to co-living as a viable option.

Popular Neighborhoods in Beirut

Some popular neighborhoods in Beirut are Beirut Central District, Ras Beirut, Sabak Al Kheil, Barbeer, Yessouiyeh, Mar Mikhael, Ain Al Mraiseh, Remeil, Saifi Village and Majidiyeh

Things to Do

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El Moutran, Beirut

American University of Beirut Museum

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City Sightseeing Lebanon

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Damascus Street, Beirut

Horsh Beirut

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MIM Mineral Museum

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Université Saint-Joseph Campus de L'innovation et du Sport (CIS),، Beirut

Grand Serail (Government Palace)

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