7 Active Ways to Explore Your New Neighborhood After Relocation

A woman is leaning on a bicycle in front of colorful houses in Burano, Italy during relocation.

Moving into a new home can be both exciting and challenging. One aspect of relocating to an unfamiliar area is you don’t have any friends you can invite for a quick morning workout or other fun activities.

Start treating your move like an outdoor adventure. Here are seven ways to get to know your new neighborhood while staying active.

1. Get Your Steps In – Walk Around

One of the simplest ways to explore the neighborhood is by strolling around. Taking a walking tour can be fun and educational. It allows you to explore the well-established history around you and start a conversation with your neighbors, too.

This light exercise is also a great way to destress after unpacking your things. If you have a furry friend, bring your dog with you. Pets help humans connect, with around 68% of people saying it’s easier to initiate a conversation once their animal companion helps provide something to talk about.

Non-pet owners can still have an enjoyable walking experience. Here are some ways to transform a simple exploration into an adventure:

  • Bring binoculars: You likely live somewhere where you can explore birds. Binoculars give you a close-up view of exciting things around the neighborhood, such as wildlife. Obviously, remember to avoid aiming at your neighbors’ houses and windows.
  • Make it a workout: If you want to transform this low-impact exercise into a workout, do a few laps of power walking around the streets.
  • Spot interesting plants: Relocating means discovering new plants and trees. Do you know the name of the tree that grows at the corner of your block? What about the plants in the park? Identify the flora and fauna around your neighborhood to remember their names on your next walk.

2. Volunteer 

Getting to know your neighbors happens while mowing the lawn, throwing out trash, taking the recycling to the curb, or washing the car. Friendships will form in time, but if you want to introduce yourself while helping the new community you belong in, consider volunteering. This act is a great way to invest in your neighborhood on a deeper level and meet new people who share similar values.

Head to your local community center to sign up for initiatives, such as local cleanups or tree planting. These activities can boost your health and help you bond with others in your area.

3. Go for a Bike Ride

Riding around the neighborhood can give you a break after a stressful relocation or after working from home. Exercising on the bike can help improve your cardiovascular health and promote healthy weight management.

Aside from the health benefits, this activity is an avenue to meet fellow local bikers. Cycling through the neighborhood also helps increase familiarity with the area’s streets, people, and other great spots. And if you live in an amazing bike city like San Francisco, you’ll have plenty of places to explore and people to meet along the way.

4. Spend Time in the Park or Playground

A local public area is excellent for meeting new people and getting active. Visit the park and introduce yourself to the locals. Ask them for recommendations regarding the best restaurants, dry cleaners, and hiking trails. This way, you’ll get to know places well-loved by residents.

A playground is a great place to meet people with similar interests while being active. With more than 60% of U.S. adults not engaging in enough physical activity, finding ways to improve your health is essential. What better way to do this than with individuals with the same passion for staying active?

5. Join a Community Garden

Do you have a green thumb? Ask your neighbors about volunteer-led gardening initiatives in your neighborhood. Community gardens offer an open plot of land where locals can grow plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables to encourage healthy eating. Participating in gardening activities can also increase social connection as you spend time with like-minded people.

This is a great opportunity for beginners to learn the basics from experienced locals. You can also help in other ways, such as volunteer management, event planning or carpentry.

6. Host a Yoga Party

Invite neighbors for a yoga party once you’re settled in your new home. A gathering in your backyard will help forge new connections and foster a sense of community while staying active together. An open space, yoga mats, and snacks are all you need to start the party. You can hire a yoga instructor to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable. 

7. Run at Night

Exploring the neighborhood at night is ideal if you work from morning to afternoon. It’s a perfect way to relax and savor the cool air and peaceful surroundings. Run safely in the dark with these tips:

  • Wear bright clothing: Remain as visible as possible. Wear something bright, especially if you’re running near traffic. Reflective accessories such as wrist straps or a belt can make you more visible at night.
  • Use light: Wear a headlight or attach a light to your shoes or running belt to help prevent injuries.
  • Plan your route: Go for a morning walk to plot your route. Take note of well-lit sidewalks in busy areas.
  • Invite a friend: Find a running buddy for a safer experience. If you can’t find a companion, inform someone about your planned route.

Enjoy Exploring Your New Community

Remember to have fun as you explore! It can be challenging to acclimate to new surroundings, but these tips will go a long way in making your transition more enjoyable. Want to make the transition even easier? Rent a move-in ready apartment with Anyplace – you’ll have everything you need to be comfortable and hit the ground running.

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