4 Websites for Short-Term Rentals: A Digital Nomad’s Guide

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Enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle brings amazing experiences—whether it’s sipping a latte in a Parisian café or typing away on a beach in Bali. But with such freedom comes a unique challenge: locating the right spot to stay without having to deal with the usual hassle of traditional leases. 

So, where does one find the perfect remote working accommodation? Here are four short-term rental websites that offer ideal housing solutions for those who carry their office in their backpack. 

1. Anyplace: Designed for Productive People 

Anyplace is tailor-built for remote workers who desire unmatched flexible-term living. Choose an apartment from this short-term rental website and stay as long as you please, from 30 days up. Best of all, you can extend at any time and live in the same apartment as long as it’s available. 

Unique Proposition: Professional-grade Work Setups

Each move-in ready apartment comes with private high-speed internet and fully equipped workspaces. Just slide into your ergonomic chair and easily buckle down to work. An ultrawide monitor, standing desk, and other choice office accessories from well-known brands like Uplift and Samsung are all set for action.

For those virtual meetings, Anyplace even provides a high-quality video setup, complete with a webcam, microphone, key light, and collapsible green screen.

Location: Centrally Positioned Properties

All the listings on Anyplace are smack at the heart of major US cities like New York and Los Angeles. So, you’re always minutes away from the cool local spots, shopping districts, public transport, and all other requisites for a vibrant, urban lifestyle.

Amenities: Luxurious Features

The thoughtfully selected accommodations from Anyplace showcase their unparalleled luxury standards in temporary housing.

Live it up with amply stocked kitchens, beautiful lounges, fresh linens, professional services, and state-of-the-art fitness centers. Residents can also expect extravagant extras like saunas, rooftop lounges, bike rooms, and yoga and spin studios in certain locations. Parking and other additional amenities may be included in the cost or separately charged, depending on the property. 

Pricing: High-end

Anyplace provides an upscale living experience, and this is reflected in its premium value. Their transparent pricing is inclusive of service charges, complimentary credit, and background checks for your safety, and free AnyplaceSecure Insurance covering personal property, accidental damage, and global liability protection. How’s that for peace of mind?!

Cancellation Policy

Cancel up to a week before you move in for a full refund. 

2. Blueground: Sleek Serviced Apartments

For budget-savvy remote workers, look no further than Blueground, which offers affordable, furnished apartments. Catering to a wide clientele, this short-term rental website boasts remote working accommodations with several impressive advantages. 

Unique Proposition: Major Discounts for Longer Terms  

Stay for 12 months or more with Live@Blueground to unlock the lowest rates. A year-long rental also enables you to pay monthly and put your contract on hold if you need to travel. And if you’ve got a serious case of wanderlust, you can live in different properties across 12 US cities—imagine enjoying a new apartment every month!

Location: International Presence

With Blueground, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to ideally situated apartments, be it uptown or downtown. You can find their remote working accommodations in 31 cities in 16 countries, including the US and the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa).

Amenities: Serviced Deluxe Offerings 

Blueground’s short-term rentals come complete with stylish furniture, a fully equipped kitchen, smart home entertainment, and a spacious home office setup with high-speed internet and a premium wireless speaker. You can also get workspace upgrades for an extra fee. More amenities, such as gym and pool access and garage parking, are available in select remote working accommodations. To truly enhance your stay, Blueground offers add-ons like gourmet meal deliveries and car rental options from their exclusive partners.

Pricing: Tiered Based on Length of Stay  

Website rates, which solely cover rent, vary across several pricing tiers. The longer your stay or if you book in the off-season, the sweeter the deal. Note that on top of the requisite security deposit, there may be extra charges for amenities like parking and pets. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancel over 30 days before moving in for a full refund. 

3. Airbnb

No list on short-term rental websites would be complete without mentioning Airbnb, the pioneer in temporary dwellings. Well-loved among vacationers, they primarily specialize in vacation homes and condos. 

Unique Proposition: One-of-a-kind Experiences

Airbnb is particularly appealing for travelers looking for authentic, culturally rich adventures. They facilitate this by connecting them with extraordinary remote working accommodations that allow them to live like locals wherever they go. Additionally, “Airbnb Experiences,” provides unique explorations, such as hanging out with a plague doctor in Prague or meditating with a Buddhist Monk in Osaka.  

Location: Comprehensive Global Network

With millions of listings in 65,000 cities across 191 countries, Airbnb is the third most-visited website for travelers worldwide. And this naturally means that its location game is strong, with an extensive range covering everything from urban hotspots to quirky treehouses.  

Amenities: Simple to Opulent

From student hostels to luxurious villas, Airbnb’s inventory is unmatched—and so is the array of amenities in each rental. You can find apartments with Wi-Fi included, along with a hot tub, a pet-friendly space, or a nicely stocked kitchen. The detailed listings let you tailor your stay to your needs, whether you’re looking for luxury or simplicity. However, finding Airbnb dwellings with home offices is not always easy, and that can be a problem for remote workers. 

Pricing: Wide-ranged

Airbnb’s pricing is as varied as its properties. From budget-friendly rooms to splurge-worthy estates, there’s something for every wallet. The transparent pricing includes service fees and, in many cases, cleaning fees.

Cancellation Policy

This can range from flexible (cancel at least 24 hours before your check-in for a complete refund) to strict (cancel within two days of booking and at least 14 days before check-in to get the same). 

4. Landing

Landing introduces memberships for their remote working accommodations. The annual fee allows members to hop from one Landing apartment to another. Thus, this short-term rental website is suitable for individuals who move frequently but want the assurance of standardized living. That means no more solo navigating between apartments!

Unique Proposition: Flex Stay

As a member, you can freely switch spaces or cities within Landing’s extensive network of properties with just two weeks’ notice. You just need to have been residing in your present home for a minimum of 14 days and are committed to living in Landing’s rentals for at least six months.  

Location: US Cities Galore

Whether you’re drawn to bustling urban centers or tranquil suburban areas, Landing offers a variety of locations to suit diverse preferences and lifestyles. With properties located in 375+ cities in the US, you can be sure that wherever your travels or work may take you, there’s likely a Landing property ready to welcome you.

Amenities: Standardized Comfort 

Consistent convenience—this is what best describes the furnished apartments of Landings. What you see in one property is what you get elsewhere: chic furnishings, dedicated workspaces (desk + chair), a well-equipped kitchen, high-speed internet (100 Mbps minimum), a smart TV, towels, linens, and other utilities. Note that sofa availability depends on the rental’s layout. Additional options for pets, parking, and other amenities are available for a fee. 

Pricing: Straightforward  

Landing’s pricing structure is designed for simplicity and ease. There are no security deposits or application fees to worry about, making the move-in process smooth and hassle-free. 

Cancellation Policy

Pay your Landing membership upon checkout (and whatever the rent amount is, depending on your move-in timeline). You’ll get your membership fee back within 14 days if you don’t pass the verification process. 

Pick Your Site—and Your Next Adventure 

The life of a digital nomad is all about flexibility and the freedom to work from anywhere. These four short-term rental websites, each with its unique offerings, locations, and amenities, cater perfectly to this dynamic lifestyle. So pack your bags, power up your laptop, and get ready to explore the world on your terms—one stay at a time.

Where to next? Find monthly rentals designed for remote workers on Anyplace.

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