Anyplace is the easiest & safest way to fill your
place on a monthly basis

We screen guests, provide lease templates and guarantee getting paid on time.
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  • Grow your business

    ​Grow your business.

    Your monthly unoccupied rooms turn into consistent revenue with Anyplace.

    Maximize your opportunity

    If you have 15%+ unoccupied rooms through out the year, you have an opportunity to increase your revenue. We will help you fill these rooms with long-term guests.

    Safe & easy

    We provide trustworthy screening, legally-binding lease templates, and a payment system. ​Our payment system protects you so you are guaranteed on-time payment. We also protect you if you have to evict a guest - you still get your money.

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  • Only the most qualified guests

    ​​Only the most qualified guests.

    Anyplace reviews the financial, criminal, and eviction history of all potential guests on your behalf to provide you with peace of mind.

    Free credit history & background verifications

    ​When a guest applies to your place we'll check their TransUnion credit report, income, and rental history. We also review their eviction & criminal history for free.

    Accommodation protection insurance

    The accommodation protection insurance program covers the cost of an eviction process (legal fees), if required. You'll still be paid, and have your legal fees covered. This program gives you peace of mind!

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  • Trustful lease agreement templates

    ​​Trustful lease agreement templates.

    You can use our legally-binding lease agreement templates or upload your own lease(s). You can start anytime you are ready to earn revenue.

    Legally-binding lease templates

    ​If you don't have a lease agreement already created, don't worry. We can provide you with a legally-binding lease agreement so you can get start accepting guests.​

    Customize & store your lease

    Through Anyplace you can customize and store your documents. Your guests can also view your lease agreements through Anyplace. It's that simple.

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  • Payments are delivered on time.

    ​​​Payments are delivered on time.

    Anyplace handles all of your payment processing & electronically deposits monthly payment to your bank account on time.

    Guarantee on-time payments

    We guarantee you monthly payments on time. We collect the monthly payment from your guests on your behalf and pay you. If your guests didn't make the monthly payment on time - for whatever reason - we will still deposit the monthly rate to your bank account - on time.

    Multiple payment options

    We accept credit card, debit card, and ACH payments. Your guests are able to easily make payment, making them and you happy.

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