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Move into a co-living space, furnished apartment or extended-stay hotel with a $0 security deposit.

Deposit-free living for digital nomads, remote workers, interns and more.

No Security Deposit Option

We understand that moving costs can really add up when you decide to move to a new country, state, or even city for that matter. Especially if you’re a digital nomad moving across the globe! To help remove some of the financial burden (and stress), Anyplace has partnered with Obligo to offer the option to pay a $0 security deposit for qualified tenants. That’s right—you can avoid spending that big chunk of change when moving into a new place!

Here’s how it works


Find an apartment, co-living space, or extended-stay hotel room on Anyplace


If the no-deposit option is available for that property, you’ll see an orange tag


Click apply and check the box to opt-in for the $0 security deposit option


Our Customer Service Team will get in touch to see if you qualify

Anyplace + Obligo = Zero Security Deposits

Deposit-free move-in for qualified renters

Forget about writing a check or having to drop a large sum of cash. There’s no need to lock up your money anymore with deposit-free move-ins.

No more waiting to get deposits back

Waiting months to get your security deposit back is a drag—especially if you’re a digital nomad who travels frequently. With a zero dollar deposit, you don’t have to worry about it.

We know you’re good for it

Obligo will quickly test your bank account balance history and available credit to see if you qualify for the deposit-free option. If you don’t qualify or prefer to pay a traditional deposit, you can do so.

Don’t spend it all at once!

You’ve probably heard that before from a parent, uncle, or someone who gave you a quarter when you were little. Well, this isn’t a quarter! Use the deposit money you save to reduce debt, bulk up your rainy-day fund, travel, or invest.

Simply pay a small monthly fee

If you qualify, you won’t be required to pay a security deposit. Instead, you will just pay a nominal fee (starting at $9.90 / month) while you live at the property. It’s much better than having thousands of your dollars tied up.

You’re still accountable (so don’t act like a rockstar)

If the property manager makes a claim, you will be able to pay the balance in installments using the payment method of your choice. Unreasonable claims may be disputed – just like a normal deposit.

How to Qualify

To qualify for an Obligo billing authorization, you will first need to meet the individual property screening criteria. In addition to meeting those criteria, Obligo will ask that you provide authorization to one or more billing methods. Obligo typically requires both a credit card (not debit) and a US bank account. Obligo will connect to these billing methods and run a series of tests to make sure that sufficient funds are available on them. In certain cases, Obligo will also run a credit check for additional screening.

Want to know additional details on how it works?

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