Queen with private bathroom

608 O'Farrell St, San Francisco, CA 94109

2 Guest(s)
1 Queen Bed
Private Bath

This property is walking distance to cafe’s restaurants, parks & markets. Each room features a queen size bed and private bathroom.


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Weekly Housekeeping

Property Rules

Property allows overnight visitors at no extra charge as long as it's not more than 8 to 9 nights per month. ID is required for guests.


The Tenderloin has a reputation for being somewhat of a rough-and-tumble, gritty part of town. There are, however, some fantastic Vietnamese restaurants in the Tenderloin, and excellent bars and concert venues.

  • 3 minute walk to Geary & Hyde Market
  • 2 minute walk to The TL Cafe and Laundromat
  • Less than 2 minutes from Bourbon & Branch Cocktail Bar
  • Walking distance to El Tesoro Taqueria & Grill
  • Near Tenderloin Children's playground
$1,780  / month
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  2. Security Deposit
    $1,200   $0
  3. Due on Approval (Incl. Deposit) $2,980
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