How it works

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    Choose your accommodation

    Browse our selection of flexible-term, fully furnished accommodations around the globe. You'll find a wide variety of apartments, co-living spaces, and hotels.

    Choose your accommodation
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    Apply online

    Fill out your application easily online. We'll do a credit and background check—free of charge—and your application will process in 1-3 business days.

    Apply online
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    Pay securely

    Pay online over a secure network with your credit or debit card.

    Pay online
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    Move-in hassle-free

    Every place is fully furnished and utilities/WiFi are already set up—all you have to do is arrive.

    Move in easily
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    Move out when the time is right

    Don’t want to leave when your term is up? Extend your stay. Or, move out and head to your next location.

    Move out easily

Booking with Anyplace



Live month-to-month in any city.

No hassle

Zero hassle

Enjoy move-in ready, fully furnished housing.

All inclusive


Utilities and WiFi are included. Most spaces have weekly housecleaning, too.


Renting an Apartment



Sign long-term contracts that lock you in.


Moving pains

Set up utilities, WiFi and move heavy furniture.

Pay a lot

Pay for everything separately

Spend additional money on utilities, WiFi, housekeeping and more.

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