Westwood Podshare

10794 Le Conte Ave Los Angeles, CA 90024

All PodShare locations are open to members – so you have a hub across the city of LA whether you need a desk, a cellphone charge or a power nap. The kitchens are stocked with breakfast foods and the bathrooms have clean towels, toiletries, and toothpaste for your use. All PodShare computers have DIY software programs like FCP and Adobe. Pods are custom-built minimalist spaces for social travelers. Twin or queen-sized. Some pods convert from bed to desk (see Murphy Pod), some have closets and trundle areas for suitcases and all have a 22″ flat-screen TV with Netflix, Hulu, games plus personal outlets, LED night light and a memory foam mattress. Please note: 27 dorm rooms, male or female, ranging from 3-6 beds in each.

Min. stay
30 days

Max. stay


Bed in Shared Room
1 Guest 6 Twin Bed Shared Bathroom

Available now

$1,000 / Mo

Show amenities


  • Laundry on site
  • Shared Kitchen
  • WiFi


Extensions are available on a month-to-month basis with a minimum 30-day extension requirement.


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A commercial and residential area, Westwood is very popular among students (UCLA is located here) and young professionals, with an upbeat yet sophisticated vibe. You can find a number of wonderful shopping options in Westwood, as well as an incredibly diverse selection of restaurants.

$1,000 / Mo