Harvard House

817 N Harvard Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029, USA

Min. stay
30 days

Max. stay


Bed in Shared Room
1 Guest 6 Twin Bed Shared Bathroom

Available now

$695 / Mo + $200 One-Time Refundable Security Deposit

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  • Public Parking
  • Laundry on site
  • Shared Kitchen
  • WiFi


***Please read this fully:*** This is for a bed in a shared house in East Hollywood, Los Angeles. Residents are a group of comedians, playwrights, screenwriters, novelists, illustrators, DJs, animators, directors, photographers, painters, dancers, visual artists, sculptors, designers, musicians, percussionists, singers, and otherwise creative people who live together in order to save money on rent and focus their time and energy on their careers. Don't want to pay $1200 for a studio? Rather focus on your creativity than working around the clock just to cover the rent? Network and collaborate by living with others who share the same goals, while saving money and making a ton of new friends. Stay a month or a year! Offering month-to-month, completely furnished shared rooms (dorm style) with an awesome list of amenities plus weekly activities. There is a large common area with comfy sectional couches, a video editing bay, a recreation area outside with ping pong, Foosball, shuffleboard, barbecue, and writing area. And just around the corner at another location is a gym, screening room, a self tape room, and another large workspace. Rent covers one bunk bed in a *shared room* (4-8 people to a room) in the renovated space with all utilities included - plus storage space for your clothes and belongings. Guys and girls rooms are in separate bedrooms. All common areas are shared. Residents are picky about who is let in. To foster a sense of community, weekly activities for all members - regular family dinners (included in your rent), acting classes, dance classes, photography classes, vocal lessons, house concerts, and more! These events are all free, included in the cost of rent. Please be ready to inspire and be inspired by the other creative people!

East Hollywood

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Home to the Dixie Hollywood Hotel, East Hollywood also houses Los Angeles City College, so there’s a definite youthful vibe here. With its art-deco charm and charming stores, East Hollywood is a haven for artists and free spirits alike, with plentiful opportunities for dining as well.

$695 / Mo