Historical Mouraria Apartments

Largo da Achada 2, 1100-003 Lisboa

The Mouraria neighbourhood is famous for its traditional folklore, including the characteristic Varinas, fish sellers, and Fado music. It has good access to transportation (subway, bus and tram) and it is close to local shops (restaurants, bars, groceries, fado houses etc) and car parking. You can feel the daily heartbeat of Lisbon in this lively area, filled with history, colorful facades and beautiful monuments.

Min. stay
30 days

Max. stay


Studio 1
2 Guests Full Bed Private Bathroom

Available from Apr 2, 2020

$995 / Mo + $335 One-Time Refundable Security Deposit

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Studio 2
2 Guests Twin Bed Private Bathroom

Available from Feb 17, 2020

$1,105 / Mo + $335 One-Time Refundable Security Deposit

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1-Bedroom Duplex Apartment
2 Guests King Bed Private Bathroom

Available from Feb 17, 2020

$1,215 / Mo + $335 One-Time Refundable Security Deposit

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  • Wi-Fi
  • Weekly housekeeping


*Please note: The rates are listed and will be charged in USD* *Winter rates from November to March - Summer rates from April to October* House Rules: 1.) No smoking. The deposit will be charged if evidence of smoke is found once you check out. 2.) According to the Portuguese Law, the hours of silence are from 22:00 to 07:00. 3.) You and your guest are using our home at your own risk. We nor the owner of the property will be held responsible for any injuries that occur at the vacation rental or for any lost or stolen items. 4.) Do not move furniture. 5.) *ACCOMMODATION BULLETIN:* The SEF accommodation bulletin is mandatory to ALL foreign visitors in Portugal, as it is intended to monitor foreign nationals in the country. All foreign citizens, including nationals of other member states of the European Union, must complete an accommodation bulletin when staying in a hotel, tourist resort, local lodging establishment or similar tourist accommodation.

  • Suitable for infants
  • Suitable for children

São Cristóvão

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São Cristóvão is most famous for being the birthplace of the famous Portuguese song, the Fado. There are stairs all over this neighborhood; each leading to a new charming shop or restaurant. São Cristóvão, or Saint Christopher, is home to the church of São Cristóvão, street musicians and many local artists.

  • Casa da Achada - Centro Mário Dionísio
  • Miradouro do Castelo de São Jorge
$995 / Mo