Home Away From Home in Antigua Guatemala

Find a flexible-term furnished month-to-month home away from home in Antigua Guatemala. All rentals come with utilities, WiFi, and amenities included.

About Antigua Guatemala

Formally named Antigua Guatemala, Antigua is a bustling city located in central Guatemala that once served as the capital of its country. The city as we know it today was founded in 1543 and was originally called Santiago de los Caballeros. The capital remained here despite setbacks from many earthquakes from the 1500s to the late 1700s. Today, Antigua is still one of the most historically fascinating cities in the country and is home to around 46,000 people. Antigua is home to tons of religious celebrations that bring visitors from far and wide. Additionally, it's an important destination for agriculture, particularly in the production of coffee. Of course, tourism is an important part of the local economy as well, as visitors from around the world enjoy seeing the historical attractions, experiencing the stunning architectural feats, and sampling the unique local cuisine. Luckily, it's easy to get around in Antigua and to other cities thanks to the convenient bus system. For those who want an authentic taste of life in Central America without having to give up their modern conveniences, Antigua is a great option to find a home away from home.

What is a Home Away From Home Property?

A home away from home is a rental property that feels as comfortable as it is in your own home. It’s a place that you can put your feet up on the couch, cook your own meals, and do your laundry whenever you please. But while keeping your usual routine at home, you can also get outside and explore Antigua.

Why is Antigua Guatemala a Great Place For Finding a Home Away From Home?

Antigua is a thriving city with all the amenities one might need for a comfortable lifestyle, yet it manages to maintain the slow-paced atmosphere that is typically reserved for much smaller cities and towns. There are tons of interesting attractions to explore, including a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Antigua has an ever-growing community of expats, so travelers from around the world should be able to find a community where they fit in. Between the abundance of entertainment and the welcoming locals in every neighborhood, Antigua is a truly inviting place to settle down for a while.

What is There to Do in Antigua Guatemala?

Antigua has some truly stunning sites for its residents and visitors to explore, some dating back centuries. The Santa Catalina Arch has been standing since the 1600s, while the Iglesia de la Merced is a famous church with a gorgeous yellow hue that's been in the city since the 1700s. Other famous buildings include the Casa Santo Domingo, the Antigua Guatemala Cathedral, and Convento Capuchinas, and the Convento Santa Clara. Many of the most famous historical buildings and landmarks hold their history from the time of the Spanish colony. Antigua's Cerro de La Cruz is an incredible lookout point featuring a stone cross, providing a panoramic view of the city. Visitors and residents also enjoy spending time at Central Park, seeing colonial art at the Museo de Arte Colonial, hiking near the Agua Volcano, and experiencing the festivals such as the celebrations of Holy Week. Finally, foodies will find themselves right at home in Antigua with its wide variety of authentic Guatemalan dishes as well as a wide range of culinary influences from other cultures, such as the French, British, Mediterranean, and more.

Home Away From Home Accommodations in Antigua Guatemala

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