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We currently don't have furnished apartment rentals in Casablanca. but we do have other properties.

Hotel $1,700 - $2,000

103, Bd Roudani, Route El Jadida Casablanca 20390, Maroc

My Loft Anfa

Suite Deluxe

Minimum stay is 30 nights

Hotel $2,000

103, Bd Roudani، Route d'El Jadida, Casablanca 20390, Morocco

Avenue Suites Hotel Apartments

Suite Executive / Deluxe / Privilège

Minimum stay is 30 nights

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About Casablanca

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco - and one of the largest in the Arab world - with almost 4 million inhabitants. This port city on the Atlantic Ocean has roots going back more than 2,500 years to the 7th century BC. Made famous in part by the iconic movie in 1942, Casablanca is also a popular tourist destination. Rick’s Café, which modeled itself after the piano bar in the movie, seeks to recreate the romance and intrigue of 1940s Casablanca – which never actually quite existed outside of a Hollywood sound stage.

The real Casablanca is loud, large and gritty – but still worth a visit. Like most other Moroccan cities, the historic central Medina is a huge draw for locals and visitors alike. The rest of the city wasn’t fully developed until the early 20th century under French colonial rule. Modern day Morocco is a titan of industry and business, with many international companies setting up shop in the city.

Casablanca is also a popular destination for surfing due to the quality of the Atlantic swells and an abundance of surf schools and shops. The waterfront Corniche district is one of the most popular locales for socializing, shopping and dining. Other attractions include the landmark Hassan II Mosque, Quartier Habous (New Medina), Morocco Mall (the 2nd largest in Africa) and Parc Sindibad.

What is Furnished Apartment

Furnished apartments are a convenient option for both short and long term rentals, although leases usually tend to be on the shorter side. Flexible lease terms often include rental on a weekly or monthly basis as opposed to a year long contract. Utilities are usually included in your monthly rental price as well.

Your furnished apartment will be move-in ready, and like a hotel, will come with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Typically included in a furnished apartment are living room furniture, dining furniture, bedroom furniture and basic appliances such as a TV and microwave. Most furnished apartments will also have the necessities needed for daily living such as bed linens, towels, cooking utensils and tableware. Some furnished apartments even come with hotel-like services and amenities such as housekeeping.

Although the rental cost for a furnished apartment can be slightly higher than an unfurnished unit, tenants who don't wish to buy their own necessary furnishings for a temporary situation can actually save money with this arrangement. This makes furnished apartments a great option for long-term business travelers, families who are in the process of relocation, students who won't be living in their apartment year-round, and anyone else who needs a flexible short-term living arrangement.

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