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About Bali

In recent years, Bali has quickly surpassed other popular travel destinations to become the #1 tourist spot in the world. Its laid-back vibe, beautiful scenery, temperate weather, affordable cost of living and vibrant culture are just some of the things that have elevated this tropical Indonesian island to the top.

Bali has a rich and diverse history including influence from Dutch, Portuguese, Indian and Chinese cultures. However, the primary cultural and religious traditions of the Balinese people are Hindu in origin. Indonesian is the official language, but Balinese, English and Mandarin are commonly spoken here as well.

Bali offers its tourists and residents a plethora of picture-perfect beaches, coral reefs, forests, mountains and volcanos to explore. Rainforests, rice fields, jungles and greenery blanket much of the island. Bali is home to many exotic animals including monkeys, birds, and large cats such as tigers and leopards. Yoga and meditation retreats are popular and many people come to Bali seeking a spiritual experience and looking forward to spending time in nature. A healthy lifestyle with nourishing food is also a priority for both travelers and residents alike.

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