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Find flexible-term Extended Stay Hotel rentals in Phoenix. Fully furnished, utilities, WiFi and amenities included.

Top rated Extended Stay Hotels in Phoenix

We currently don't have extended stay hotel rentals in Phoenix. but we do have other properties.

House $4,300

1316 E Vermont Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85014, USA

Private Pool ⭐ 3BD / Huge Office / Amazing Yard


Minimum stay is 30 nights

House $15,800

3355 N Valencia Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA

Luxury Dream House!! 😍 Sleeps 16 - Golfers Paradise


Minimum stay is 30 nights

House $4,240

4530 N 105th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85037, USA

Private Pool ❤️ Pet Friendly 🐶 - 4BD Near Arena


Minimum stay is 30 nights

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About Phoenix

Phoenix is not only the capital of Arizona, but also the largest city in Arizona, home to over a million people. The wide variety of outdoor desert activities such as paddling the Salt River, biking through Papago Park, ascending Camelback Mountain, or discovering the nearby ancient Indian sights are just some of the many reasons desert dwellers love to live in the locally named Valley of the Sun. The cost of living is much more affordable in Phoenix compared to other highly populated U.S western cities such as San Diego, Las Vegas and Denver.

Phoenix's vibrant dining and entertainment scene is heavily influenced by the Native American and Mexican cultures that are still thriving there today. The flourishing art district has become one of the trendiest neighborhoods and home to one of the nation's largest art walks. Phoenix locals also love their coffee and beer, so there are many delicious third wave coffee shops and micro-breweries to explore. This upbeat city in the middle of the desert does a wonderful job of encouraging healthy lifestyles, urban agriculture projects and communal water conservation. Even in the heat of midsummer, you will find Phoenix residents being active outdoors during the day and taking over the bars at night!

What is an Extended Stay Hotel

Extended stay hotels offer apartment-style living with the flexibility and convenience of a hotel. Your suite will typically include a bedroom, bathroom, living area, desk or workstation, fully equipped kitchen, and a dining or bar area. On-site amenities often include continental breakfast buffets, housekeeping services, laundry rooms, fitness centers, and even grocery delivery services.

Extended stay hotels offer additional discounts on monthly stays, making them an affordable option for longer term accommodations.

Although extended stay hotels cater primarily to business clients, due to their increased amenities many travelers prefer them for leisure travel as well. Extended stay hotels are the perfect option for anyone looking to experience the comforts of home alongside the convenience and amenities of a hotel.

Extended Stay Hotels in Phoenix

The city of Phoenix is a large concrete jungle surrounded by seemingly endless desert land and pine forests with rich cultural influences and a vibrant nightlife scene. Only 120 miles from the international Mexico border, and a day trip away from the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree National Forest, Las Vegas and the magical city of Sedona - you will never feel bored or uninspired in this desert metropolis. Even though it gets unbearably hot during the summer months, Phoenix locals have clever ways of beating the heat like early morning hikes, night time bike riding, and spending the day at one of the many nearby lakes. The lower costs of living, low traffic patterns and wide variety of year round activities makes Phoenix an ideal place for young professionals, climbers, bikers, and all outdoor enthusiasts to live and expand their social networks.

Looking for the ultimate in convenience? Extended stay hotels allow potential residents to make reservations - not leases - and offer a flexibility that most apartments and other living situations do not. You won't have to worry about furniture, appliances, utilities or any other necessities - these are all provided for you, allowing your temporary residence in Phoenix to feel like home!

Extended stay hotels are a great option for both business and leisure travelers, as well as anyone who is relocating to Phoenix, transitioning from military service, or simply working on temporary projects. The safety and security of a hotel - which is usually staffed around the clock - make them a great option for solo travelers. This sector of lodging continues to grow as both the job and housing markets adapt to people's changing priorities and values. To keep up with the increasing demand for flexible and comfortable housing options, extended stay hotels expertly focus on providing elevated communal and residential living to their temporary residents. Many of these hotels now offer additional amenities such as laundry service, free meals and even special events for their guests.

Phoenix offers many great extended stay hotels to choose from in both the city's core neighborhoods and its many suburbs. So if you're looking to make the most of your time in Phoenix without breaking the bank, take a look at your extended stay options for a simple solution that is both comfortable and affordable.

Extended Stay Hotel Options in Phoenix

For those looking for extended stay hotels in Phoenix, Anyplace hosts the best properties in the area. All of our hotels in Phoenix offer amenities such as fast WiFi, comfortable beds, housecleaning, and more with convenient access to the city. And with with all-inclusive rent, your utilities will be taken care of, allowing you to live in Phoenix at an affordable price. If you'd like to begin the process of moving into your next extended stay hotel, check out our extensive selection today. We partner with hotels in the most popular neighborhoods throughout Phoenix.

Things to do

Heritage Square

4.6 (274)

113 N 6th St, Phoenix

Piestewa Peak Park

4.8 (1462)

2701 E Squaw Peak Dr, Phoenix

Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights

4.4 (148)

5025 E Van Buren St, Phoenix

Mystery Castle

4.4 (303)

800 E Mineral Rd, Phoenix

Wrigley Mansion/Geordie's Restaurant

4.6 (793)

2501 E Telawa Trail, Phoenix

Hall of Flame Fire Museum

4.7 (413)

6101 E Van Buren St, Phoenix