Extended Stay Hotels in Alanya

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About Alanya

The Mediterranean resort town of Alanya sits on the shores of Turkey’s “Turquoise Coast”. But Alanya is far from being a typical tourist trap; its rich history spans thousands of years - possibly even as far back as 3,000 B.C.! The city blossomed as a trading port during the 13th to 18th centuries and has been held by some of the world’s most prolific empires including the Roman and Ottoman Empires. This beauty and history have led to an explosion of tourist activity in recent years that has turned the city’s downtown area into a veritable playground for vacationers. Popular landmarks include the Alanya Castle, the Kızıl Kule (Red Tower), Cleopatra Beach and the Damlatas Caves. The area’s distinctive red-roofed homes and hotels line the coast and make for picturesque views from nearly any vantage point. Many sports and outdoor activities are popular here as well including windsurfing, triathlon events, volleyball, cycling and even a professional soccer team. More adventurous visitors enjoy scuba-diving, boating and exploring Alanya’s many caves and waterfalls. The city’s main economic sector is tourism, with farming (especially citrus fruits) as a strong second place industry. Many of the area’s homeowners are European expats, and the local population grows each summer as both seasonal residents and tourists flock to the area. The city hosts many cultural events and festivals each year including the Alanya International Culture and Art Festival, Alanya Jazz Days and the Tourism and Arts Festival.

Extended Stay Hotels in Alanya

The Alanya area of Turkey is one of the top spots for tourists along the Turkish Riviera, and has become a hub for expats and international travelers along Turkey’s southern coast. Most of the city’s historic landmarks are in or around the 13th-century Alanya Castle on the peninsula. The Blue Flag Cleopatra Beach is near the castle, so you can experience all the region’s highlights easily if you stay in the main town center. The coastal region of Mahmutlar is especially popular because it’s relatively affordable without getting too far from the landmarks of the city’s core. Avsallar is another popular area for long-term travelers, with a laid-back energy and a good variety of bars and restaurants, along with one of the best beaches in the region. Looking for the ultimate in convenience? Extended stay hotels allow potential residents to make reservations - not leases - and offer a flexibility that most apartments and other living situations do not. You won't have to worry about furniture, appliances, utilities or any other necessities - these are all provided for you, allowing your temporary residence in Alanya to feel like home! Extended stay hotels are a great option for both business and leisure travelers, as well as anyone who is relocating to Alanya, transitioning from military service, or simply working on temporary projects. The safety and security of a hotel - which is usually staffed around the clock - make them a great option for solo travelers. This sector of lodging continues to grow as both the job and housing markets adapt to the country's changing priorities and values. To keep up with the increasing demand for flexible and comfortable housing options, extended stay hotels expertly focus on providing elevated communal and residential living to their temporary residents. Many of these hotels now offer additional amenities such as laundry service, free meals and even special events for their guests.

Extended Stay Hotel Options in Alanya?

For those looking for extended stay hotels in Alanya, Anyplace hosts the best properties in the city. All of our hotels in Alanya offer amenities such as fast WiFi, comfortable beds, housecleaning, and more with convenient access to the city. And with with all-inclusive rent, your utilities will be taken care of, allowing you to live in Alanya at an affordable price. If you'd like to begin the process of moving into your next extended stay hotel, check out our extensive selection today. We partner with hotels in the most popular neighborhoods throughout Alanya.

What is Extended Stay Hotels?

Extended stay hotels offer apartment-style living with the flexibility and convenience of a hotel. Your suite will typically include a bedroom, bathroom, living area, desk or workstation, fully equipped kitchen, and a dining or bar area. On-site amenities often include continental breakfast buffets, housekeeping services, laundry rooms, fitness centers, and even grocery delivery services. Extended stay hotels offer additional discounts on monthly stays, making them an affordable option for longer term accommodations. Although extended stay hotels cater primarily to business clients, due to their increased amenities many travelers prefer them for leisure travel as well. Extended stay hotels are the perfect option for anyone looking to experience the comforts of home alongside the convenience and amenities of a hotel.

Things To Do

Alanya Castle

Hisariçi, Alanya


Damlatas Caves

Çarşı, Damlataş Cd. No:81, Alanya



Çarşı, İskele Cd. No:102, Alanya


Kleopatra Beach

Kızlar Pınarı, Atatürk Blv. No:199, Alanya


Alanya Archaeological Museum

Saray, İsmet Hilmi Balcı Cd. No:2, 07400, Alanya


Ataturk House Museum

Şekerhane Mah., Anzaklar Sok., Alanya


Alanya Belediyesi 100. Yıl Atatürk Parkı

Saray, Güzelyalı Cd. No:6, Alanya



Saray, Damlataş Mevkii, Alanya


Shipyard Alanya

Tophane, Tersane Sk. No:9, Alanya