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About Hermosillo

Hermosillo is the capital and largest city in the north-western Mexican state of Sonora. It’s an economic and manufacturing hub for the region, known especially for its role in the automotive industry, though it’s also growing in sectors like IT and electronics. This makes it one of Mexico’s most economically competitive cities. It’s also been rated one of the most livable cities in Mexico and is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, with a hot subtropical climate that’s earned it the nickname Ciudad del Sol, or “City of the Sun”. Plaza Zaragoza is the heart of downtown and where you’ll find the Catedral de la Asunción and the Palacio de Gobierno, two of the cities top landmarks. For art lovers, the Sonora Art Museum is a top destination, with workshops and festivals along with a permanent collection. Hermosillo is a large city with a dense urban energy, but outdoor-lovers will still find green space to enjoy. Just outside the city, the Ecological Center of Sonora brings visitors face to face with both indigenous and exotic wildlife. For the best views of Hermosillo, summit La Campana Hill just outside of town.

Co-livings Spaces in Hermosillo

Hermosillo is an economic center for the Sonora region, so it’s no surprise the city has a ton of coworking spaces to choose from. Since the city has long attracted American companies and workers, many of these options can accommodate English-speaking users, so you won’t need to be fluent in Spanish to take advantage of them. Octava Workspaces and Morebel are among the top-rated spots. The latter also runs a co-living and coworking space, Vista Delfin Beach House, in the nearby coastal town of San Carlos. Shared housing in Hermosillo mostly takes the form of rooms for rent in private homes, and is best found browsing online marketplaces. Furnished short-term apartments are also a viable option and are relatively affordable, with rents starting at around $600-$800 USD a month. This is in keeping with the general cost of living in Hermosillo, which is affordable compared to many similarly-sized world cities.

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Anyplace simplifies the process of finding the perfect co-living space in Hermosillo. Our platform hosts many of the top co-living venues in the city. New residents can explore a variety of rooms online and apply for a spot that fits their needs. With high-quality, trusted properties, you won't waste time and money looking for the perfect room. All of our co-living spaces include furniture and amenities. We offer a "turn-key" opportunity to find a great place with enjoyable housemates. Check out our co-living options in Hermosillo directly on our site!

What is Co-living?

Co-living, also known as co-housing, house-sharing, or room-sharing, is a growing trend in big cities across the country. Co-living is when a group of people—often strangers—come together to share common living spaces, save money, and enjoy a more affordable lifestyle. Apartment buildings dedicated to co-living situations will offer 2 or 3 bedroom units with common areas including a living room, kitchen and dining area. Bedrooms and bathrooms may be private or shared. Co-living differs from a typical shared rental (roommate) situation in that co-living spaces are frequently furnished, don’t require long leases, and almost always include WiFi and utilities. They can also include housekeeping services and some even offer catered functions for tenants, housemates, and their guests. Co-living property managers handle billing and repairs of the building, generally through an app. The typical demographic enjoying a co-living lifestyle are millennials and young professionals in large cities and tech hubs such as San Francisco or Austin, but they are also starting to pop up in cities around the world. People of all ages who find themselves in need of affordable housing are increasingly looking to co-living as a viable option.

Popular Neighborhoods in Hermosillo

Some popular neighborhoods in Hermosillo are Valle Del Lago, Fraccionamiento Tierra Nueva, Tierra Blanca, La Encantada, Cruz Gálvez, El Llano, Mediterráneo Residencial, Las Provincias, Fraccionamiento Puerta del Rey and Banus

Things to Do

Cerro de la Campana

4.7 (105)


Hampton Inn by Hilton Hermosillo, Mexico

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Paseo Río Sonora Norte 172, Proyecto Rio Sonora Hermosillo XXI, Hermosillo

Fiesta Americana Hermosillo

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Blvd. Eusebio Kino No. 369 Col, Lomas Pitic, Hermosillo

Hotel Lucerna Hermosillo

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Paseo Río Sonora Norte 98, Proyecto Rio Sonora Hermosillo XXI, Hermosillo

Estadio Sonora

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Av. Luis Donaldo Colosio 49, La Manga, Hermosillo

Galerías Mall Sonora

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Av Cultura 55, Proyecto Rio Sonora Hermosillo XXI, Hermosillo