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Meet Fajardo

Bienvenidos a Fajardo! This beautiful beach town is a popular getaway for people who want to spend time in nature and travel around the rest of the Caribbean.

Fajardo’s history stretches back to the 18th century, when it was established by Spanish settlers as the town of Santiago de Fajardo. Fajardo was also involved in the American takeover of the island in 1898, when Captain Frederic Rogers ordered his men to infiltrate the island by planting an American flag on top of the town’s local lighthouse. Nowadays, Fajardo is mainly a resort community, home to the largest marina in the Caribbean and a popular launching port to the islands of Culebra, Vieques, and the Virgin Islands.

Where to live in Fajardo

Fajardo is home to just under 30,000 inhabitants, making it one of the smaller municipalities in Puerto Rico. The town itself is divided into 9 barrios, or neighborhoods, each of which is subdivided into smaller units called sectores. The larger and more populated barrios have a small-town vibe, while the smaller barrios are more rural and allow you to get closer to nature.

Best Neighborhoods in Fajardo

Fajardo is a more rural area overall, which means that if you’re looking for a neighborhood with a hectic, big-city vibe, you won’t find it in Fajardo. The neighborhoods in Fajardo fall into the suburban or rural categories, depending on how close you live to the town’s center.

Quick Facts About Fajardo

Fajardo is one of the most beautiful towns in Puerto Rico! Before you move there, here are a few things you should know:

Work in Fajardo

The tourism industry is the biggest employer in Fajardo, especially Puerto del Rey Marina, which is the largest marina in the Caribbean. However, if you don’t want to work in that industry, it can be difficult to find work in Fajardo. The unemployment rate in Puerto Rico is higher than the unemployment rate on the mainland. It’s also highly recommended that you speak fluent Spanish—it can be difficult to find work in Puerto Rico if you don’t. As always, remote work and a digital nomad lifestyle are always an option!

How good is Fajardo for Digital Nomads or Remote Work

Remote work is changing how the global workspace operates. In a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down, remote work is rapidly on the increase all around the world—especially in a place like Fajardo. And about 25% of remote workers describe themselves as digital nomads—those who like to travel or stay in cities around the world while they work. So, how good is Albuquerque for both of these growing movements?

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Food and Drink in Fajardo

Puerto Rican cuisine is a delicious combination of Spanish cuisine, native Taíno cuisine, and the cuisine of enslaved people who were forced to work on sugar plantations in Puerto Rico during the colonial era. Some of the most delicious Puerto Rican dishes include mofongo, which is a dish made of fried mashed plantains, fried meat, and chicken broth, lechón asado, which is roasted suckling pig, and asopao de pollo, which is Puerto Rico’s take on chicken soup. Fajardo has a number of great Caribbean, Latin, and Puerto Rican restaurants, including Kasavista Fajardo, Calizo Seafood Restaurant, La Estacion, El Varadero Seaside Grill, and Metropol Restaurant Fajardo.



Top 6 Things To Do in Fajardo

Fajardo has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. To enjoy the best that Fajardo has to offer, be sure to visit Seven Seas Beach, one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico, Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve, a beautiful nature preserve where you can see Puerto Rico’s amazing mangrove trees, and the cays of Palomino Island, Cayo Lobos, Cayo Ratones, Cayo Diablo, and Cayo Cucarachas, which have some of the best snorkeling in the world. One of the coolest things that Fajardo has to offer is its Bioluminescent Bay, which is one of very few bioluminescent bays in the world. If you visit during the phase of the new moon, you can see bioluminescent glow a fluorescent blue in the water and on the shore. Plus, Fajardo is home to Puerto del Rey Marina, which allows you to visit many other islands in the Caribbean.

Carabalí Rainforest Park

Puerto Rico 992, Luquillo


Angelito Trail Head

PR-988, Luquillo


El Yunque National Forest

Puerto Rico


Parque De Niños Activos

PR-987, Fajardo


Bahia Fajardo

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico, Fajardo


Parque Pasivo De Las Croabas

Fajardo 00738, Puerto Rico