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Meet Cambridge

Cambridge is best known for its world-famous university, which has produced a staggering number of Nobel Prize winners, but did you know it’s also a city loaded with historical charm and architectural beauty?

Cambridge is more than just its top university, although the legendary educational institution is worth the price of entry alone. The town itself is full of ancient history and awe-inspiring architecture, backed up by the verdant riverside and surrounding meadows, which stretch in every direction. This city makes for the prettiest of postcards, making it ideal for the romantic getaway or the idyllic digital nomad lifestyle. You have the option of either hanging around in the storied historic center of the town and breathing in the same air as hundreds of esteemed intellectuals have before you, or escaping to greener pastures and getting away from the urban busyness. The city is noteworthy for its old style of architecture, and if you’re visiting the UK from abroad and you can only visit one place for a taste of the island - Cambridge would be an excellent option. Perhaps you’ll even be able to soak up some of the energy of the city as you get to business and produce some of your finest work.

Where to live in Cambridge

Cambridge has a charming blend of old and new, and this is reflected in its diverse neighborhoods. Whether you want to feel like you’re in the UK imitation of Silicon Valley, or you yearn for a quaint English existence, you’ll be able to find it living here. There’s also the fact that you can easily reach London living in Cambridge, with trains taking you there in just under an hour, in case you fancy a fun day out at the nation’s capital.

Best Neighborhoods in Cambridge

The best neighborhoods in Cambridge include Chesterton, Grantchester, Newnham, De Freville Avenue, and more. As you can tell, each district has a charming English-sounding name, so wherever you decide to live in the city, you and your friends will likely get a kick out of your postal address. Cambridge has it all: some suburbs boast easy access to the center without the busyness, while others have big detached properties with large gardens, and others still are located just a stone’s throw from the city’s finest colleges.

Quick Facts About Cambridge

There’s a lot to discover about Cambridge since its reputation precedes it as the home of one of the best universities in the world. This reputation comes with good and bad. On the plus side, it makes it a destination of choice for the studious traveler looking to stroll the university’s grand campus, but on the flip side, it doesn’t tell you everything the city has to offer to those who visit. To help you learn the city behind the university, here are some facts you might like to know:

Work in Cambridge

As a city with such a prestigious university, Cambridge is home to a diverse range of top employers. Its largest sector is automotive, but food and beverages are up there too. Interestingly if you’re into video games, Cambridge is home to Frontier Developments, which is a game studio responsible for popular games such as the RollerCoaster tycoon series, and more recently, Jurassic World Evolution and Planet Zoo. It remains to be seen how the upcoming changes brought on by Brexit will affect business in Cambridge, but as of right now, things are looking up for the city’s job prospects.

How good is Cambridge for Digital Nomads or Remote Work

Remote work is changing how the global workspace operates. In a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down, remote work is rapidly on the increase all around the world—especially in a place like Cambridge. And about 25% of remote workers describe themselves as digital nomads—those who like to travel or stay in cities around the world while they work. So, how good is Cambridge for both of these growing movements?

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Food and Drink in Cambridge

While Cambridge isn’t particularly known for its food and drink scene, it has plenty to offer with its varied gastronomy. This includes everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to international cuisine and more English pubs than you can shake a stick at. For food, we highly recommend you go to the restaurant Trinity, which is a fine-dining spot full of exquisite seafood, rare meats, and champagne. If you want a unique experience with vegetarian and vegan-friendly food, the Old Bicycle Shop is a unique place to stop for a bite to eat. But if you want a truly memorable dining experience, your best bet is the Midsummer House, which is a large restaurant sitting on the picturesque riverbank with two Michelin stars. When it comes to nightlife and drinks, it’s the pub scene of Cambridge that you should get immersed in. If you’re visiting the UK for the first time or are more familiar with it, you’ll surely be aware of the allure of quaint village pubs and a nice cold pint of a chilly afternoon. To find this in Cambridge, you can try out the microbrewery called Rhythm and Brews for various beers backed up by music, or for something more traditional, you might like the Fiddle & Firkin.



Top 6 Things To Do in Cambridge

Even once you feel like you’re starting to get to know the city, there’s likely still so much more to learn and love about Cambridge. For instance, you can try the national pastime of punting, which is basically the city’s answer to Venetian Gondoliers. Another one for the nature-lovers is the large botanic gardens, which features around 40 acres of breathtaking shades of green, yellow, and red year-round. It can also be fun to take a more active approach to exploring the city by hiring a bike and cycling to Kettle’s Yard, which is a wonderfully cozy-looking art gallery. After which, you can set off on a tour around the world-famous university campus, stopping on the way for a bite to eat from one of the many delightful local pubs.

Parker's Piece



Milton Country Park

Cambridge Rd, Milton


Cambridgeshire Wine School

Station Rd, Cambridge


Museum of Cambridge

2-3 Castle St, Cambridge


Great St Mary's Church

The University Church, Senate House Hill, Cambridge


Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Downing St, Cambridge