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Though it’s one of the lesser-known names for tourists visiting Phuket Island, Kathu District and it’s small village hold a mix of both famous and underrated tourist sites and activities.

The smallest of the three main districts of Phuket, Kathu District is located between western Phuket City and spans across the center of the island and along the west coast from Kamala Beach to Pa Tong. It’s distinct from Kathu, which is a small village area in the eastern heart of the district. Kathu is a mainly residential area, with less tourist infrastructure than the coastal part of Kathu District. While Kathu itself isn’t on many ‘must visit’ lists, most travelers will pass through at various points on the way to Patong or Kamala Beach. It’s a shame because this Eastern portion of the district has more than its share of activities to keep tourists busy. Despite Kathus' lack of beaches, it does host some impressive waterfalls and drop pools for those who want something other than the typical beachside holiday in Phuket.

Where to live in Kathu District

Kathu Village is not the most ideal place to find accommodation if you’re looking to travel temporarily in Kathu District. Though you can find the odd hotel or home rental in Kathu, and many of them are stunning and affordable, they can be quite far from most public infrastructure. If you aren’t planning to rent a car or motorbike on the island, you’ll likely be facing a long walk from your new residence to the nearest supermarket. Outside of rentals, blue Songthaews (public buses) often pass through Kathu on the way between Patong, Kamala, and Phuket City.

Best Neighborhoods in Kathu District

While the most desirable neighborhoods for tourists in Kathu District tend to be in Kamala and Patong, Kathu also offers its own unique attractions for travelers. The town is mainly built along Vichitsongkram Road, which winds around the hills and township and is divided into three parts - northern, southern and central Kathu. The highest concentration of restaurants, bars, and cafes are in the central and southern parts of Kathu, and southern Kathu also offers the most luxury resorts, villas, and apartments, making it the preferred area for travelers on a higher budget.

Quick Facts About Kathu District

Kathu Village comprises the majority of Kathu District, but due to its minimal tourist presence less is known about this place than Patong or Kamala, for example. Still, here are some quick facts you can use to learn a little more about the area:

Work in Kathu District

Because it’s one of the least tourist-heavy and most residential areas on Phuket Island, finding work in Kathu Village may be difficult if you don’t speak even rudimentary Thai. Much of the work most appropriate for foreigners would be in tourism and hospitality - but because there is very minimal tourism and a smaller breadth of bars and restaurants, Kathu is not an ideal place to find work in either industry. You may have better luck finding English teaching work. For tourism and hospitality, focus your search on Patong and Kamala, or consider backtracking to Phuket Mueang district as more work will be available in Phuket City.

How good is Kathu District for Digital Nomads or Remote Work

Remote work is changing how the global workspace operates. In a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down, remote work is rapidly on the increase all around the world—especially in a place like Kathu District. And about 25% of remote workers describe themselves as digital nomads—those who like to travel or stay in cities around the world while they work. So, how good is Kathu District for both of these growing movements?

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Food and Drink in Kathu District

There are plenty of good Thai restaurants to patronize in Kathu Village, but don’t expect too many establishments that will cater to the tastes of foreigners. Here you’ll be eating more traditional Thai fare, and western bars and restaurants are certainly more difficult to come by than elsewhere on the island. If you’re looking for something specific, Patong, Phuket City and Kamala are all just a short drive away. But don’t give up on Kathu just yet! Here you can find delicious southern-Thai cuisine at restaurants such as Thong Dee - The Kathu Brasserie, Mee Ton Poe, and Patong Bay Garden Restaurant. Much of the menus at these restaurants are seafood dishes composed of local ingredients, though you’ll find plenty of other meat and vegetarian offerings. The area isn’t void of international cuisine either. You can find Italian and Mediterranean offerings at Da Sandro Kathu, La Cassina Rossa, and Ristorante Pizzeria da Moreno, all located in Northern Kathu. Halal food is available at Makan Buffet, and you can try a western-style grill at Lyn’s Corner and Bar We Grill.



Top 6 Things To Do in Kathu District

While there are endless beach activities on the coast of Kathu District, Kathu Village offers different kinds of activities. Water-based fun revolves around the wakeboarding park and club, the adventure waterpark Kathu Connection and of course the Kathu Waterfalls. For more relaxed adult activities you can wind down with a few rounds of golf at the Loch palm or Red Mountain golf clubs. In terms of culture, there are several shrines in the area including Wat Kathu, the Kathu Chinese Shrine (Tong Yong Su), and the White Sitting Buddha. To learn more about Kathu District, consider a visit to the unique Phuket Mining Museum, and the small but charming Kathu Museum located in the village.

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Windmill Viewpoint

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