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Meet Kamala

Just north of its more famous neighbors Patong and Phuket Beach, Kamala provides a peaceful beach haven for island-hoppers seeking a slower pace of life.

Kamala is a small beach town located in Kathu District, Phuket. This quiet district is located due north of more popular beach areas like Phuket Beach, Patong, and Karon. Despite being sometimes outshined by its neighbors, Kamala is considered a peaceful oasis for travelers and locals. It’s becoming a popular place to enjoy the white sands and shimmering oceans of Phuket without the nightclubs, beach parties, and constant tourist thrum often found in other areas of the island.

Where to live in Kamala

Though Kamala is a relatively small area, there are quite a few accessible places to stay in the area. It is easiest to stay in a hotel, furnished apartment, or or resort, depending on your budget, but most accommodation is inexpensive compared to other districts on the island. The accommodation you can find in Kamala will run the gamut from cheap, comfy homestays to luxury beachside resorts. You can travel around Kamala by taxi, smart bus, or Songthaew.

Best Neighborhoods in Kamala

The town center can be seen along Kamala’s busy main road. Here is where you’ll find the central tourist area, with stalls, convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants. The local Monday and Friday market is also held here. However, while you’ll find many conveniences here, it’s not considered very appealing for most visitors as it’s not close to the beach. Nearer to Kamala Beach is where most of the action can be found, and it offers the liveliest atmosphere in the area with restaurants and bars, and pleasant tree-lined boulevards along the beach. This is particularly true in the southern end of the beach. There are also a handful of good beachside resorts in the northern and southern areas.

Amazing Apartments, Coliving Spaces and More

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Quick Facts About Kamala

Unlike other areas of Phuket, in-depth information about the area can be hard to find. If you want to learn a little more about life in this quaint beach town in Southern Thailand, here are a few quick facts that will help you get acquainted.

Work in Kamala

Many tourists flock to Phuket every year, and given the perception of an easy beach lifestyle and constant partying, it’s not a surprise that many young foreigners want to live and work on the island. If you’re looking for work, your best bet is to teach English or work in the service industry. Unfortunately, you’re unlikely to find consistent work in Kamala. Even during peak tourist season much of the area is still quiet, so the chances of finding bar or restaurant work are low. You are likely to have a little more luck with English teaching, though work isn’t guaranteed. If you want to live in Kamala, you may want to consider finding work in Phuket City and taking public or private transport back to Kamala.

How good is Kamala for Digital Nomads or Remote Work

Remote work is changing how the global workspace operates. In a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down, remote work is rapidly on the increase all around the world—especially in a place like Kamala. And about 25% of remote workers describe themselves as digital nomads—those who like to travel or stay in cities around the world while they work. So, how good is Kamala for both of these growing movements?

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Food and Drink in Kamala

If you're thinking of traveling to Kamala, keep in mind that the district is considerably less commercialized than other tourist areas on Phuket Island. Don’t be surprised to find that the variety of bars and restaurants, as well as their opening hours, are more restrictive. Like most places in Thailand, small food markets and street food stalls with classic tourist fare can be found on the main road of Kamala and along the Kamala Beach strip. If you’re looking for a beachside restaurant consider paying a visit to high-end Thai restaurants at Lillo Island resort, The Bua Restaurant, and The Deck, all of which offer stunning beach views. And while Blue Manao isn’t by the sea, it does offer some of the best seafood in the area. You can even find some international cuisines when you wander down to The Grill for a classic American-style Steakhouse, Soul Curry for authentic Indian, or The Greek Tavern for Mediterranean cuisine. After dinner, you can cruise to the south end of the beach where business is busiest, and peruse some of the best bars in town like Hey Ha, Smile Bar, and the Aussie Pub.