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Civitella Paganico

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Meet Civitella Paganico

Enjoy a slower pace of life among the forest-filled hills and ancient city walls of Tuscany’s Civitella Paganico.

Civitella Paganico is a commune in Tuscany, which is the Italian name for a municipality or collection of villages. The entire area is rather large, though the population is small. This means you can enjoy a truly rural lifestyle. Civitella Paganico is set among vast rolling hills and mountains, its elevation ranging from 144 to 1,955 feet. You can choose to live in a small town or find a property that sits alone, far from any neighbors. The commune has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic age and is careful to preserve much of its own history. For instance, the largest village, Paganico, still has its original Medieval city walls and towers in place. This is a calm, peaceful community that is strongly connected to nature. Many visitors come for the magical Petriolo hot springs where you can wash off your daily stress. The area is a sleepy, farming region, that offers digital nomads some respite from the hustle of urban life

Where to live in Civitella Paganico

Civitella Paganico isn’t one town or city but rather a collection of many villages. You can choose to live somewhere built-up and relatively urban or opt for a home that is completely remote and distant from any other. Even in the most populous town, however, you won’t be in a community of more than 1000 people. You should therefore be willing to forego many of the amenities you’d get in a larger town. If you don’t have access to a vehicle of your own, then choose a village with transport links.

Best Neighborhoods in Civitella Paganico

There are no bad neighborhoods in Civitella Paganico. Crime is low and you can enjoy a peaceful, relaxing lifestyle wherever you live. You should instead think about convenience. Without a car, it’s important to stick to the larger villages that are well-served by bus and rail stations. For the hot springs and access to Siena, find a property in the north of the commune. For proximity to Grosseto, southern villages are preferable. Ultimately, try to find a reasonably-priced villa with amazing views.

Amazing Apartments, Coliving Spaces and More

We've been rounded up the best housing options in Civitella Paganico. All are available on flexible terms, so you can stay one month or as long as you want

Poggio Alla Rocca - Corbezzolo Seaside Apartment

Civitella Paganico

Poggio Alla Rocca - Sole Panoramic View Apartment

Civitella Paganico

Poggio Alla Rocca - Ginestra Seaside Apartment

Civitella Paganico

Poggio Alla Rocca - Alba Studio Apartment

Civitella Paganico

Quick Facts About Civitella Paganico

Many people don’t know much about Civitella Paganico so you may not know what to expect before you go. To help you determine whether this is the right place to make your home, try doing some research beforehand. This can help you get to know the character of a place and the lifestyle you can lead there. To help get you started, here are some quick facts about Civitella Paganico.

Work in Civitella Paganico

As with any rural location, you won’t find a great deal of jobs in Civitella Paganico. This is a small community with an economy based around agriculture. Your best option may be to try and find farm work. In particular, it’s possible to find a job in fruit and nut picking. You may also be able to find work in some of the bars and restaurants or as a tour guide. For more options, try nearby Siena or Grosseto. These are both within commuting distance and are much larger cities with much more economic activity.

How good is Civitella Paganico for Digital Nomads or Remote Work

Remote work is changing how the global workspace operates. In a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down, remote work is rapidly on the increase all around the world—especially in a place like Civitella Paganico. And about 25% of remote workers describe themselves as digital nomads—those who like to travel or stay in cities around the world while they work. So, how good is Civitella Paganico for both of these growing movements?

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Food and Drink in Civitella Paganico

Few countries are as renowned for their food as the Italians. They take their cuisine seriously and you’ll notice this in any restaurant or local home that you choose to enter. Italian food is famous for being simple, often using just two to four ingredients, but using them to absolute perfection. Naturally, restaurants in Civitella Paganico will serve the incredible pizza and pasta that tourists have come to expect. Top-rated restaurants in the area include Pizzeria Il Castelluccio, Locanda nel Cassero, and Tenuta delle Antiche Querce. You’ll be glad to find out that despite its small population size, Civitella Paganico has plenty of incredible restaurants. The food is well-priced and made to an incredibly high standard. Depending on which neighborhood you end up living in, you’re bound to find some good local joints. Civitella Paganico has a strong farming community so try to source local food where possible. Seasonal fruits and vegetables will be the freshest and most delicious. You can also sample some of the locally brewed wine in bars like Bar Tabaccheria Centrale and La Taverna di Campagna. Given the stunning scenery and wonderful weather, try to find a place with outdoor seating and a mountain view.