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Meet Hvar

The city of Hvar is one of Croatia’s best-kept secrets, with some of the most exclusive beaches in the country and thousands of hours of sun each year.

Hvar is a destination that isn’t as well known as Dubrovnik, but that isn’t to say it is without its charm or allure. In fact, this is a place frequented by some of the most recognizable celebrities and even royalty, with the likes of Jay-Z, George Clooney, and Prince Harry gracing its shores. There are many reasons why so many high profile names are drawn to this Croatian island, and the town at the heart of it is just one. From the city of Hvar, you have some of the most breathtaking lagoons, beaches, and coves just a stone’s throw away, as well as a host of things to see and do in the town’s center. Hvar Town, as it’s commonly known, attracts thousands of holidaymakers in its high season, and as the streets swell, so does the lively atmosphere. The Ornate Gothic palaces and marbled streets do a lot to make the center of the city seem like a time capsule from days gone by.

Where to live in Hvar

While one of the best areas to live on Hvar island is in the city of Hvar Town itself, given its small size, you might have to direct your search elsewhere on the island. Fortunately, there are many other great neighborhoods, towns, and settlements on the island, so you should be able to find the perfect property for you if you’re willing to explore the various options. Some areas will be livelier than others, and some will have more amenities, so it really depends on the pace of life you’re looking for.

Best Neighborhoods in Hvar

The best neighborhoods in Hvar are the main town, called Hvar Town, as well as several other settlements and villages dotted around the island, such as Stari Grad, Milna, and Jelsa. There are fishing villages with stunning beaches and forests, as well as bigger towns with networks of canals reminiscent of the romantic Italian city of Venice. Then there are interior villages too, which reside inland further away from the coastline, providing more affordable housing than those along the coastline.

Quick Facts About Hvar

While you might know a thing or two about the spectacular Hvar island and its main city Hvar Town, there’s a lot to love about this Croatian gem that you might not yet know. Here are some of the most interesting facts to help you get to know Hvar better:

Work in Hvar

If you’re looking for work in the hospitality and service sector, then you’re in luck. Hvar has ample job opportunities in these areas, whether you’re looking to help out at a local hotel or hostel, be a receptionist at an eco-resort, or work shifts at a bar or nightclub. Aside from working in hotels and hostels or restaurants and bars, opportunities are few and far between. That is, of course, unless you can work remotely, in which case you can relax on the beach and live the life that many can only dream of.

How good is Hvar for Digital Nomads or Remote Work

Remote work is changing how the global workspace operates. In a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down, remote work is rapidly on the increase all around the world—especially in a place like Hvar. And about 25% of remote workers describe themselves as digital nomads—those who like to travel or stay in cities around the world while they work. So, how good is Hvar for both of these growing movements?

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Food and Drink in Hvar

There are many excellent places to eat and drink on the island of Hvar, and many of them will have breathtaking views over the sea that surrounds it. The Mediterranean diet mostly inspires the cuisine, but there are also a few local dishes on the island too. If you’re looking for a pleasant spot overlooking the harbor in Hvar Town, then it’s the BB Club that you should head to for a bite to eat. You can eat everything from fresh, tropical fruits here to fried seafood and international cuisine. For some authentic Croatian cuisine, Dalmatino restaurant is a great choice. It has a wonderful courtyard and a whole host of delicious dishes which include local specialties and fresh seafood. Giaxa is the place to go for some fine dining, with various meat and fish dishes on offer. The ‘hvarska gregada’ here is well worth a try, which is a local dish made with fresh fish, potatoes, and onions. For nightlife, the Carpe Diem bar is the number one spot on the island to party the night away. This legendary evening venue has an outside terrace overlooking the sea and is also a fantastic place to spend an afternoon sipping away on a cocktail or two.