Travel Nurse Housing: Essential Tips for Nurses on the Move

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As a travel nurse, you’re always on the move, curious to see where your job might take you next. So, where will your next assignment be? A big city with endless accommodation options and tons of things to do? Or a smaller city with a cozy environment?

No matter where you go, handling the moving process might feel overwhelming among all the other tasks you need to do. 

But finding housing as a travel nurse does not have to be time-consuming. Thanks to some hassle-free alternatives, you can concentrate on starting your assignment instead of hunting for apartments.

How do travel nurses find housing?

In the past, travel nurse recruiters or agencies organized housing for travel nurses. Today, though, most nurses receive an accommodation stipend so that they can choose where to live. If this is your case too, you will get to prioritize your comfort and needs while selecting your accommodation. 

Travel nurses can find accommodation using several ways, including online marketplaces, word of mouth, and social media. Most travel nurses stay in one place for less than a year, so a short-term apartment makes more sense than signing a lease. These short-term apartments also come with flexible renting terms and furnished rooms, facilitating the whole process for nurses.

Since these are special apartments, the best way to look for them is through dedicated online marketplaces. By using these marketplaces, you can browse through many luxury corporate apartments to select your new temporary home. Especially if it’s your first time in a city, booking on a platform has several advantages.

For example, you wouldn’t have to deal with bills since they will already be included. Plus, you will not need to scroll through endless social media listings, deal with difficult landlords, and spend extra money on furniture or kitchen appliances. 

Travel nurse housing tips

1. Look for options without a lease.

Travel nurse contracts have an average duration of 13 weeks, although the length can vary depending on the assignment. Traditional leases usually require a one-year commitment, which is way longer than the typical travel nurse contract. Given the unpredictable schedules and increased flexibility needs of travel nurses, traditional leases are not very practical. Not to mention the legal and financial consequences of breaking a lease. All these make flexible apartments a more suitable housing option for travel nurses.

2. Book fully-furnished rentals instead of unfurnished or partly-furnished ones.

Buying furniture is quite a hassle and often not worth it for a short-term stay. In serviced apartments, you will find fully-furnished rooms that also include bills and other amenities. With their equipped kitchens and stylish decorations, these apartments also create homely vibes. After a busy day at the clinic, you can enjoy a home-cooked meal or simply relax on your comfy couch, as if you were at home.  

If you’re renting from an individual instead of using online marketplaces, make sure to ask for a virtual visit to see the furniture. 

3. Check what utilities and amenities are provided.

Also known as corporate apartments, serviced apartments also offer extra services and facilities included in the rent. Besides additional amenities, utilities such as electricity, gas, and WiFi are also provided.

The amenities will depend on the apartment and the city. For example, one of Anyplace’s apartments in San Francisco includes on-site laundry facilities, a resident lounge, paid parking, a fitness center, a sauna, a rooftop lounge, and a home office setup. Located in the vibrant district of Nob Hill, the apartment welcomes young professionals, travel nurses, and corporate employees throughout the year. 

4. Use reputable websites for your search.

While searching for travel nurse accommodations, it is a better idea to rely on reputable websites and marketplaces instead of social media. While it is possible to find legitimate places on social media, it often requires a lot of effort and skimming through scams. Your time is precious as a travel nurse.

5. Consider the distance from the clinic, the neighborhood’s safety, and the activities nearby.

The location of your apartment is one of the most important factors. Make sure to check Google Maps to see how far it is from your workplace. Ideally, it will also be located in a safe neighborhood. You can research the area’s crime rates to get an insight into its safety. Once you’ve chosen your place, it’s time to read some neighborhood guides to get a feel for the city. This will give you an idea of what your life outside work will be like. Living in East Village, San Diego, for example, means being close to green spaces, high-quality restaurants, cool boutiques, and a rich craft beer scene. 

6. Read reviews and ratings of previous tenants.

The best way to get an honest opinion about the apartment’s facilities, the neighborhood’s lifestyle, and the overall service is to read the reviews. On most online marketplaces and websites, you will be able to access comments. If it’s not available, consider asking other travel nurses if they have any recommendations. 

7. Plan for flexibility.

As a travel nurse, your assignment durations may vary, and unexpected changes can occur. Besides booking flexible-term accommodation, consider what happens if you need to extend your stay. Will you need to send an email to the service provider? What if the place gets booked before you have a chance to email?

Try choosing a place where the process is smooth and can be done in a few minutes. We thought of this at Anyplace and made it easy for travel nurses to extend their stays. If your plans change and you want to stay more, you can let us know with just one click.

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We make accommodation easy for travel nurses

As a travel nurse, you deserve high-quality accommodation that meets your needs. With our serviced travel nurse apartments available in New York City, San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, we’re happy to offer you a comfortable stay. All of our apartments include a flexible-term contract, all-inclusive bills, facilities, support, and amenities. 

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