Partner Spotlight: Selina

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Our mission is to make a world in which people can live anyplace, and simply put, we wouldn’t be able to do that without our terrific partners. They help us expand our flexible-term housing options across the globe, in turn, giving you more places to explore and live. That said, we feel they should get some love!

So, we’re going to aim the spotlight back on our partners from time to time; to share a bit about their company, the destinations where their properties are located, and some photos of the co-living spaces, furnished apartments, and extended-stay hotels they’ve added to Anyplace. Today, we’re featuring Selina, a partner with fully-furnished co-living spaces with locations in Costa Rica, Mexico, Portugal, Guatemala, and more.

Selina offers a unique combination of experiences and accommodation, melding together stylish, comfortable rooms for every budget with wellness, surfing, volunteering, adventure, music, and more. At the core of Selina is a community for connecting with others. They’re a home base and meeting ground for nomads, travelers, locals, and explorers who are discovering a new way to explore, work, and experience the world. 

Selina in Costa Rica

With hundreds of miles of coastline on the Pacific and Caribbean and the rainforest in between, Costa Rica has so much to offer to both the adventurer and low-key nomad. From plentiful surf breaks, jungle hikes, and extreme sports adventures, to various yoga and spiritual retreats, there are many reasons why digital nomads spend much of their time in the Central American country. 

Located near the equator, Costa Rica offers a tropical climate with an average annual temperature between 70° and 81° Fahrenheit. And there’s plenty of spots to get your work done too. The average internet speed in Costa Rica is 3.9 Mbps, however, Selina properties offer fully-equipped coworking spaces with high-speed internet and have properties scattered throughout the country. 

As a digital nomad myself, I’ve worked from the Selina in Puerto Viejo and absolutely loved the sounds of the ocean while working from an ergonomic office chair with reliable internet. And I was thankful for the endless opportunities to meet fellow nomads in local cafes, restaurants, and yoga studios. Here are a couple of stellar Selina properties in Costa Rica.

Selina Puerto Viejo

Selina Manuel Antonio

Selina in Portugal

When I first became a full-time digital nomad, I hopped on a plane to Portugal. The country attracts digital nomads for its beaches, architecture, and food, and keeps them there for its reasonable cost of living, digital nomad community, and coworking spaces

Any day could start with their popular tart Pastéis de Nata and an espresso, and end with a sweet glass of Port wine. Lisbon is a major hotspot with more than 12 co-working spaces and a Facebook group with nearly 18K members

In the summer, head down to Algarve known for its beautiful beaches, and in the fall, explore the mountains of Douro Valley in the north. The winters aren’t half bad either — the southern European country experiences annual temperatures that range from 53° and 81° Fahrenheit, so leave your winter hat at home. Here are two of our favorite Selina properties in Portugal. 

Selina Geres

Selina Secret Garden Lisbon

Selina in Mexico 

Mexico has a lot to boast about — its culture, food, nightlife, mountains, beaches, and much more, make it a perfect spot for digital nomads to work and explore. Looking for a bustling metropolitan with endless inexpensive restaurant and museum options? Mexico City is your spot. Or, want to get your work done steps away from the sandy beaches and sunshine? Check out Playa del Carmen

If you really want to stretch your budget, you can grab a plate of street tacos in Mexico for less than $1. But if you’re looking to live a bit more luxurious, properties in tourist locations like Tulum or Cancun have you covered. Selina has properties all around Mexico with private rooms and shared dorms — here are a couple of options for your next trip.  

Selina Playa del Carmen

Selina Mexico City

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