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27 Gift Ideas For Travelers and Digital Nomads

Shira Weitz

by Shira Weitz

It’s about that time to decide what’s going on in your shopping list for the holidays. That means getting personal and putting some thought into all the different people in your life, and the gifts they might find joy in. 

And, due to the growing number of digital nomads, chances are higher than ever that you might need a digital nomad gift idea that’s great for people on-the-go.  

Worry not! Buying for a nomad is actually pretty easy since their lifestyle is so particular. Anything big or heavy can be eliminated at once, and lucky for you, our typically budget-conscious mindsets mean we rarely splurge on even modest luxuries. 

You just have to know the inner workings of their mind, which… I do! My gift for you this holiday is this categorized list of on the go gifts that any nomad is sure to love.

Virtual Gifts

1. has over 100,000 online courses, ranging in subjects from business development to arts & crafts. This year, give the gift of knowledge when you buy a moderately priced class that can help grow their business or stimulate their curious mind. Or both! Read how to gift it HERE.  

2. and 3. Babbel or Lingualift. Typically, there are free apps to learn some skills here and there, but if you really want to immerse yourself in a culture and learn a language more fully, the real progress is made when you shell out the (not too big) bucks. For someone who’s traveling the world and, especially for those who want to soak in other cultures long-term, giving someone an online language course is the way to go!

For Work 

4. Portable standing desk. If your nomad is working from their laptop, then a portable standing desk is a hugely helpful gift. The StandStand De Lux weighs just two pounds and folds up flat. It stands alone, so they can conduct business anywhere, and not be confined to slumping over a desk or table all day. Can you say productivity boost?

5. Wireless pocket keyboard. It can be difficult to lug around your larger and heavier devices, but your phone typically goes wherever you go. That’s why a wireless pocket keyboard is a perfect gift for those who need to work on the go. Even when your laptop is stored away, you can type with the same gusto on your phone with this amazing gift. 

Stay Connected

6. Portable charger. Take it from someone who has endured several 10+ hour bus rides. Having a powerful and long-lasting charger for your devices is extremely helpful. Not only can you get done important work from anywhere without having to worry about draining your battery, but something as simple as reading (from a phone or tablet, etc.) can be challenging when you’re in-the-red in transit. 

7. Solar power bank. This eco-friendly gift makes sure that your nomad can reach the most remote of places and still have access to charging power.  

8. World adapter. It’s pretty likely that someone who has been traveling for a long time already will already have something like this, but those with less than one year of experience might not have this one-size-fits-all plug, which works in 150 countries, and instead of carrying multiple devices which are easier to lose. 

9. Skyroam (internet access.) There’s no doubt that staying connected to Wifi is often one of the biggest challenges we nomads face. With Skyroam, you can solve that problem, making sure that they can stay connected anywhere, anytime. 

Fun and Relaxation

10. Portable speaker. Nomads are often budget-conscious, meaning we don’t tend to splurge on simple pleasures. That said, something as simple as listening to good music or podcasts with good sound, unfortunately, is probably low on their priority list. That’s why a lightweight speaker can for your devices is sure to bring joy.

11. Entertainment. Whether it’s Netflix or Hulu subscription, or a gift card for the Apple TV App, having the luxury of watching TV every once in a while without panicking about whose login you’re going to steal and if too many devices are already logged in, is hugely appreciated.  

12. A Tinggly Experience. Or any experience, really… but Tinggly makes it easy and allows the person you’re gifting it to choose their favorite one. For those working remotely, a lot of the fun adventures we go on are actually work. In short, it’s totally normal to need a vacation from our vacation, and with Tinggly, we can choose which one sounds the best.

13. Kindle. Books are one of those things that you wish you could carry about a few dozen with you always. Well, with Kindle you can, all in one device! I mean, what else could someone constantly having to worry about luggage weight ask for? 

Safe Keeping

14. Nokia treasure tag. It’s pretty much guaranteed that SOMETHING is going to get lost in the most inconvenient moment. Typically, it’s just part of the game, but with Nokia treasure tag you can help your nomad decrease those chances by giving them a tag to slap on their essentials, so that they’re alerted if they’re leaving something behind, and can track it!

15. Luggage locks. Not only does this deter people from taking your luggage at airports or on trains and buses, in hostels or shared spaces it’s super helpful to keep your things safe and secure. 

Luxury Life On The Go 

16. Priority pass. Another lesson that nomads are quick to learn is that you should show up with plenty of time before your flights. Priority pass will help pass this time in multiple airport lounges and offer complimentary pre-flight nibbles and bevvies. A comfortable, swanky way to fly.

17. Umbrella. Maybe an umbrella isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to gifts but if someone is, say, going to Italy in November, they will definitely need a sturdy, light and compactable umbrella. Otherwise, they will be tempted to buy from the street vendors, and it will inevitably break in minutes, soaking one of the only few jackets they had to live in.

18. Collapsible Tupperware. One of the most essential ways to save while traveling is to make your own food. Sounds easy at first, but when you factor in things like buying condiments and storing leftovers, it quickly becomes an annoying ordeal. Having Tupperware you can bring with you and will preserve your food will save you a lot of that hassle, and guarantee you can eat what you want, wherever you want. 

19. Travel yoga matt. This is a tricky one because it does take up some space, but the benefits of having a yoga mat that travels well are unparalleled. Not only is it a great way to stay in shape in the chaos of your travels, but it’s also imperative for maintaining your inner-Zen. 

20. NapAnywhere pillow. We’ve come a long way since the old, regular travel pillow. Now there are multiple ways to get a comfy nap in while in transit. These pillows protect your neck and offer optimal comfort so you can get some Zzzz’s on the longest of journeys. 

21. Portable clothesline. This little stocking stuffer goes a long way for those who might not have optimal resources for washing and drying clothes. It’s being independent in these little ways that make a big difference. 

22. Travel towel. The amount that some hostels charge to rent a towel adds up. Not to mention, camping doesn’t come with towels! Save your nomad the extra $$ by giving them one of these compactable and comfortable travel towels. 

24. Packing cubes. When your life needs to be as compact as your luggage and you have to pack and unpack constantly, there’s nothing more valuable than organization. Give a gift that helps conquer one of the most exhausting aspects of life on the go. 

Capturing Moments 

25. Drone. Depending on your nomad’s motives, giving a drone allows them to capture the most incredible views that anybody traveling to beautiful places around the world would want. Although it’s not the lightest or most compactable gift, the value is extensive when it comes to getting footage. 

26. Go pro. One of the most highly rated camera devices from travelers, having a camera that is small, light and takes amazing footage wherever you go is necessary. 

27. Camera Lens Kit. I love this because you don’t need to worry about lugging a big, expensive new piece of equipment around. Instead, you can jazz up the device that most travelers use to preserve memories, and that’s their iPhones!

So, what are you going to get the digital nomad in your life? Or, if you’re a digital nomad, did we miss anything you’d love to have for your travels? Let us know in the comments!

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Shira Weitz

Shira Weitz


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