Top 28 Digital Nomad Blogs and Influencers to Follow in 2021

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Due to the unprecedented pandemic in 2020, being a digital nomad has become more attainable for those who thought it never would be. 

Millions of people who can now work remotely are taking advantage of the opportunity to travel near and far. And although traveling is less sought after amidst the pandemic, creative ways of working from anywhere are emerging. 

While many are dreaming of traveling once it’s safe to do so, we’ve seen a growing interest in travel blogs and digital nomad influencers to help build bucket lists. The year 2021 and beyond is promising, and we predict one where inclusive, sustainable, and conscious travel is at center stage. As a team of digital nomads, we’ve compiled digital nomad blogs and influencers to follow to inspire your next slow travel adventure. 

  1. Half Half Travel

half half travel digital nomad blog

Becca and Dan are digital nomads who share travel guides, photos, and advice from their experience working remotely and traveling the world. The couple shares everything from staying healthy on the road, to how to stay productive when working from home. Their Instagram shows destinations around the world in a unique way — half and half. And be sure to follow along with their stories for fun quizzes and unique tips. 

  1. P.S. I’m On My Way 

Trisha Velarmino was born and raised in the Philippines, and since leaving her home, she’s been traveling the world in a conscious, female-friendly way, and shares her knowledge related to culture, slow travel, and personal growth on her blog and social media. She’s been featured in the BBC, TED, Cosmopolitan, and CNN. 

  1. Thobi Rose 

Based in South Africa, Thobi Rose is a travel and lifestyle influencer who talks about different travel perspectives, body-positivity, food, and luxury experiences close to nature. She comes across as positive and self-assured but often reminds us that she too is a work in progress. We love that. 

  1. Hobo with a Laptop

Mike and Oshin became a couple after they worked together in a large company for years. They met, fell in love, eloped, and then created a travel and digital nomad blog that provides resources for digital nomads. Their goal is to help readers discover opportunities for making it while staying fully remote. 

From tips on landing a remote job and advice for planning your own trips, they’re a must-follow blog for digital nomad hopefuls. 

  1. Nomad Flag

nomad flag digital nomad blog

Keith, a techie and writer with over 20 years of travel experience, shares expert advice on solo and slow travel. Gone are the days when an action-packed week-long trip around Europe is the best way to experience the local culture. Digital nomads have the unique ability to get to know local cultures by immersing themselves in them. 

Nomad Flag shares what it’s like to travel slowly including tips for learning a language, book recommendations, keeping up health and fitness on the road, and more. 

  1. MyBreakingViews

Digital nomads have a chance to explore new cultures through food.

Whether it be through open-air markets or posh restaurants, food is a wonderful way to experience how people live around the world. That’s why Adebola of MyBreakingViews is one of our favorite digital nomad blogs to follow as she shares her experiences of the world through food — all with a bright smile.

  1. Travel with Lakshmi

Lakshmi Sharath is a photographer and traveler from India, who shares travel tips and itineraries for destinations around the world, from Southeast Asia to the Balkans. She has an entire section dedicated to India, which is a great way to learn about the country from a local female perspective.  

  1. Heart My Backpack

After having traveled most of the world with a backpack, American-Norwegian Silvia Lawrance finally decided to get back to her roots and settle in Norway. What we love about her is that she’s a gritty backpacker, who found a home-base and is now adventurous on a bigger budget.

Learn tips on traveling to lesser-known destinations as a woman like Kazakhstan and Mongolia

  1. TheCrowdedPlanet 

Margherita Ragg and Nick Burns, an Italian and Australian, met at a food market in London. They’re quirky and funny travelers who put nature and sustainability first regardless of where they go. Together they share great tips on hiking, ecotourism, and adventure travel.

  1. OnceUponAsaga

Torbjørn C. Pedersen is a Danish influencer who is on a mission to travel to every country in the world, without taking a single flight. And he’s almost there with 194 countries under his belt. In addition to being a Red Cross ambassador and motivational speaker, he shares tidbits of his journey to inspire other slow travelers. 

  1. My Travel Affairs 

Marysia is a young Polish woman who has been traveling the world for over 15 years. As someone from Bulgaria, I can appreciate that she represents Eastern European women, which is not something we’ve been seeing a lot of up until recently. 

  1. WildJunket

wild junket digital nomad blog

Nellie Huang is an adventure travel blogger from Singapore who has a home base in Amsterdam. Her, her partner, and her daughter’s life revolve around travel. And she’s set off to visit all of the countries in the world. 

She started her blog as a way to share tips for adventure travel, and she’s been featured on CNN, BBC Travel, and National Geographic. 

  1. Chasing the Donkey

Sarah-Jane and Mate are originally from Australia, and after giving birth to their first son, they packed up the family and moved to Croatia. Now they travel around Croatia and the Balkans as a family while providing tips and stories for digital nomads

  1. Black Digital Nomad

Created by a couple from the U.S. that was tired of the rat race, BlackDigitalNomad brings advice, support, and inspiration, specially tailored to the black community. They talk about important issues, such as psychotherapy while on the road, dealing with visa processes, and how to balance an online business. 

  1. Green Suitcase Travel

green suitcase travel digital nomad blog

Misty Foster is a content creator and travel designer, who founded Green Suitcase Travel to share sustainable, inclusive, and conscious travel advice. 

The blog has a team of writers that are all dedicated to the same cause — helping readers find sustainable travel solutions and leave a positive impact on the places they visit. 

  1. The Poor Traveler

Vins and Yosh, both from the Philippines, come from humble backgrounds and shared the dream to see the world before they even knew each other. Now they’re living their dream together while sharing tips on how to travel smart without getting scammed, lost, or spending too much money

  1. Daniel Karim

Daniel is a psychologist and author, traveling the world and exploring different cultures to gain a better understanding of what happiness is and how we can achieve it. He is also the founder of The Psychology Podcast, where he interviews extraordinary people to explore what it takes to evolve as a person. 

  1. Traveling Programmer

Magda works in AI and data while traveling the globe. She shares shots of her workspace and travels through 34 countries and counting to inspire remote workers that you can be productive while traveling the world.

  1. Dopes on the Road

Lindsay Cale specializes in LGBTQ travel and culture. Gender non-conforming, outspoken, and honest, this blog and Instagram are a must-follow. As a digital nomad who supports herself through writing, interviews, social media, and consulting Lindsey shows that it’s possible to travel the world with diverse income streams. 

Lindsey offers LBGTQ advice, safety precautions, tips for traveling around the world. 

  1. Runaway Juno

runaway juno digital nomad blog

Juno Kim grew up in a conservative household in South Korea and used to be a full-time mechanical engineer. But as the blog’s name suggests, she’d had enough of abiding by the expectations of others. That’s why she quit her job to become a professional travel blogger and photographer. One of our favorite topics she talks about is being married and traveling solo. 

  1. Christabella Travels

Christa is a digital nomad who works remotely as a career coach. She’s a solo traveler who follows her own path and has plenty of amazing content from warm-climate locations. Learn from her tips on how to become a digital nomad with no experience. 

  1. Swedish Nomad

swedish nomad digital nomad blog

Alex Waltner is on a mission to help his readers travel more frequently, with purpose, while getting the most bang out of your buck. He is a professional travel photographer and content creator, which is clear once you set eyes on his beautiful feed. His digital nomad blog has been featured on CNN, Forbes, The Guardian, and more. 

  1. Chubby Diaries

Jeff Jenkins, the creator of ChubbyDiaries, received the Lonely Planet “Best in Travel 2021 Diversity and Inclusivity Award.” He is a travel storyteller, whose primary focus is helping chubby people travel the world. His entire writing style is inclusive and welcoming, and we love reading his tips for where to go, what to eat, and what to do.

  1. Northern Irishman in Poland

As the digital nomad blog’s name suggests, Johny Blair is from Northern Ireland and has settled in Poland after traveling to over 180 countries. He shares stories from the road, including all of the odd jobs he worked to see the world. 

  1. Divine on the Road

Sydney Ferbrache is empowering for female travelers and digital nomads — she is a solo traveler who lives and travels in a van with her dog Ella. She’s a yoga instructor and runs a podcast but what we find most attractive is her candid, yet beautifully curated representation of what it’s like to be a female van lifer. 

  1. Simply Emma Blog

simply emma blog

Emma is in a wheelchair but that has not stopped her from traveling. She roams the globe with her partner while inspiring anyone to travel regardless if you have or don’t have a disability. Her content is positive, engaging, and informative. 

  1. Too Many Adapters

As a digital nomad myself, gadgets are essential to my lifestyle. I try to have the most travel-friendly, durable, compact, and reliable technology that will provide me with peace of mind while working and traveling. 

That’s where Too Many Adapters comes in. Reviews on the latest and greatest technology are shared by travelers themselves. And it’s a great place to find tips on international SIM cards and how-to’s when it comes to being a digital nomad and working remotely. 

  1. Boundless Roads

With over 20 years in the travel industry, Isabella of Boundless Roads is a solo female traveler who shares tips related to hiking, diving, and road trips around the world. As an experienced slow traveler, she shares advice on how to become a digital nomad and provides in-depth guides to hotspots as well as lesser-known locations around the world.

While beautiful pictures of luxury travel used to take over Instagram feeds, we’ve been seeing more and more digital nomad influencers emerge who are relatable. As someone who runs a digital nomad blog myself, I follow all of these accounts because they inspire and empower my own travel journey. We love recommendations — comment below with your favorite digital nomad blogs and influencers! 

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