8 Best Co-living Spaces in Los Angeles

Joe Frabotta

by Joe Frabotta

Whether you’re a digital nomad, student, an aspiring artist, or simply want to meet other like-minded individuals, consider these 8 co-living spaces in LA.

So you want to move to Los Angeles? It’s the sprawling metropolis, where the sun shimmers, Hollywood stars meander, and the opportunities pose as endless. Plus, it’s in the state of California, the inspiration behind hundreds of great songs through the years. 

Thankfully, the digital nomad lifestyle grants you the chance to live anywhere in the world, including the City of Angels. But before you pack your bags and run off to the sunny city, it’s probably best to find a place to stay. 

If you want to meet other like-minded individuals who dabble in a similar lifestyle as you, whether you’re a digital nomad, student, or an aspiring artist, you may want to a co-living space. These types of residences already have the necessary amenities, furniture, fast-speed WiFi, and more all set up—you just need to arrive and you’re home. And, co-living spaces are available on a month to month basis, so no worries about having to sign a long lease.

Who says moving needs to be tough? Just pack your bag, laptop, and make your way to L.A! 

Let’s take a look at 8 ideal co-living spots in Los Angeles, and expand on what makes them unique, the cost, and amenities included.

1. Bask in chill vibes at Venice Beach Glyndon Co-living

Want to experience the more chill, laid back side of L.A? Consider living at Venice Beach Glyndon Co-living. This amazing space offers four private bedrooms with shared bathrooms and one ensuite. Each room has a desk, making it easy to block distractions and focus on your work. 

When you want social interaction, you can always meander to the shared kitchen to mingle with your roomies. Or, wander to the beach for some well-deserved R&R. Expect to encounter some fortune tellers, street performers, and other fascinating people en route to la playa!

What’s the cost?

Book a beachfront private room with a twin bed in L.A for just $2,650. Or, upgrade to a queen bed for just $2,900 a month.

Included amenities:

This co-living space comes with WiFi, weekly housekeeping, a shared kitchen, and laundry facilities.

Benefits of living here:

  • Bask in the sun and surfer vibes.
  • Stay in a beachfront neighborhood.
  • Get to both Venice Blvd and Costco in just two minutes (walking).
  • Stay in your own private room.

2. Live in the center of LA at Ambitious CoLiving

Ambitious CoLiving is a new way of living for creatives. Our unique blend of properties, combined with the ambiance of a boutique hotel, extraordinary amenities, and community events in Los Angeles challenges traditional apartment living and offers our members not only great locations but also to be part of a community of talented individuals, who are here to achieve their dreams just like you.

Talk about an ideal location, too. The brand new townhome has DTLA views, close to Little Tokyo/Art District with only less than 3 min drives into Downtown and 5 min drive to Union Station.

What’s the cost?

There are two different room types you can rent: private and master. The private room is $1,499 month, while the master room is $1,572 / month.

Included amenities:

This co-living space comes with WiFi, a coworking space, a shared kitchen, laundry facilities, and public parking. 

Benefits of living here:

  • Privacy! The private and master rooms let you escape your housemates whenever you want.
  • You’re right downtown, and a short drive to other great LA neighborhoods.
  • The townhome is brand new, so it’s squeaky clean and bright.

3. Stay with females only at Beachwood Coliving

Opt to stay with females only at Beachwood Coliving. Once you arrive, you’ll find yourself amid a quiet, respectable neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have a good time!

Hollywood Blvd is only a quick walk from Beachwood Coliving, and there are several hip and happening restaurants, cafes, bars, and shopping spots nearby. Get a pleasant mixture of hustling and bustling and quiet and chill at this co-living space.

What’s the cost?

It depends if you want to share a space with others or book a private room. This co-living space grants you three options:

  • A shared triple room for just $850 per month
  • A shared room with one other person for $1,100 per month
  • Your own room for $1,500 per month

Included amenities:

This co-living space comes with WiFi, a shared kitchen, and laundry facilities.

Benefits of living here:

  • Stay in a quiet neighborhood (between Franklin Village and Beachwood Canyon), but you can easily go to more vibrant, eccentric spots within minutes.
  • You’re just minutes from the ever-so-famous Hollywood Sign.
  • Choose between a private, shared, or triple-shared room.

4. Experience luxe living at Brentwood Apartments

Get your posh on at the Brentwood Apartments for a super reasonable price. This lovely co-living space, located on the Western end of L.A, encompasses upscale eateries and the art-centric, modern Getty Center.

But the snazzy location won’t be the only thing that has you feeling like a straight-up celeb, the co-living space itself offers some pretty neat, lavish amenities, such as a swimming pool, gym, 24-hour security, and a free washer and dryer. Could it be any better?

What’s the cost?

You can choose to pay a little less to stay in a shared room for $1,300 a month. Or, you can pay $2,300 for a private room.

Have a car? You can park your automobile for $75 a month (if there’s a space available).

Included amenities:

This co-living space comes with WiFi, weekly housekeeping, a shared kitchen, and laundry facilities.

Benefits of living here:

  • You get access to a pool and gym.
  • You’re three miles from both UCLA and the beach.
  • You can stay for a minimum of 30 days, but you can always stay for longer.
  • Choose between a private or shared room.
  • Stay with a smaller number of roommates.

5. Meet other creatives at Santa Monica Beach Co-living

Enjoy Santa Monica’s tropical paradise with other digital creatives, remote workers, and entrepreneurs at Santa Monica Beach Co-living! Expect to encounter young, hardworking folk who bond over tasty dishes, a healthy lifestyle, and, of course—the beach. 

Munch with your roomies in the dining room, let the comfy sofa and TV envelop you in the living room, and opt for alone time at your desk in your room.

What’s the cost?

You can book a private room for a minimum of 90 days for just $2,300 / month.

Included amenities:

This co-living space comes with WiFi, weekly housekeeping, a shared kitchen, public parking, and laundry facilities.

Benefits of living here:

  • Live among other like-minded individuals.
  • Enjoy the beauty spanning Santa Monica.
  • It’s only a 15-minute walk to the beach, a six-minute walk to Walgreens, four-minute walk to Joslyn Park, and a one-minute walk to Jumping Gym.

6. Live minutes from Hollywood Blvd at Beachwood PH

This newly remodeled Penthouse near Griffith Observatory has a huge private roof deck with staggering city views. You’ll find granite counters in the bath and kitchen, new appliances, new windows, new floors, and ample closet space. And, there’s even a game room with foosball and air hockey! If you’re looking for affordable options and want to be close to the action, Beachwood PH could be your ticket.

What’s the cost?

There are a few different accommodation choices at Beachwood PH:

  • A shared room for $1,100 / month
  • A private room for $1,800-$2,000 / month (they’re slightly different)
  • The master room for $2,200 / month

Included amenities:

This co-living space comes with WiFi, a co-working space, a shared kitchen, laundry facilities, and public parking.

Benefits of living here:

  • You’re right around the corner to Griffith Observatory
  • Short distance to shopping and restaurants of Franklin Village
  • And, just minutes from Hollywood Blvd

7. Students welcome at Santa Monica International House

Are you a student who doesn’t want to live on campus, but you still want the university experience (in the thick of L.A)? The Santa Monica International House may be the ideal co-living space for you.

Not only will you get to live with other students or interns, but you’ll be in the ever-so-beautiful Santa Monica, where palm trees line the streets, and a nearby beach awaits you!

What’s the cost?

This space grants you the chance to pay a more economical price to live with a roomie for $1300 / month in the Shared Room, or you can pay a bit extra for a private space at $1800 / month.

Included amenities:

This co-living space comes with WiFi, weekly housekeeping, a shared kitchen, and laundry facilities. Don’t even bother bringing bedding, either. The Santa Monica International House will provide you with sheets and towels.

Benefits of living here:

  • The chance to live in Santa Monica for a reasonable price.
  • Splash in the waters at the nearby beach.
  • Meander to live music venues or to the open-air mall.
  • Enjoy scrumptious seafood dishes from restaurants within the area.
  • Live with other students or interns.

8. Try a pod with other creatives at Melrose Avenue

The living arrangements at the Melrose Avenue Co-living Space may not be as spacious as others, but you’ll undoubtedly have the time of your life here. This is the place where fun, creativity, and art magically collide to create one happy, easy-going, exciting atmosphere. Plus, you can tell your grandkids one day that before you made it big, you lived in a pod with other creatives. 

Melrose Avenue Co-living is tailor-made for artists. You can sign-up to live here on a month-to-month basis, saving you from committing to a year-long lease. This space, located in East Hollywood, is looking to host people who’re seeking a career in something creative (actors, dancers, musicians, photographers, etc). 

Your pod will include storage space under your bed for your stuff as well as a rail to hang your clothes. You’ll also get a locker for your valuables and shelf space in the kitchen.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Staying here grants you access to a dance studio, music recording studio, photo studio, acting classes, dance classes, singing lessons, and more. It’s the ideal place to kickstart your creative dreams.

What’s the cost?

If you’re looking to do L.A. on the cheap, this could be it—the pod is the least costly option at $795 / month.

Included amenities:

This co-living space comes with WiFi, weekly housekeeping, a shared kitchen, laundry facilities, a fitness center, and a TV.

Benefits of living here:

  • You get to live among other creatives.
  • Access to several studios (dance, music, photography), as well as acting classes, dance classes, and singing lessons.
  • You’re close to Santa Monica Blvd, as well as numerous restaurants.

And there’s more….

And that’s not all, there are plenty of other co-living spaces available in Los Angeles on Anyplace. Hit the link below to check them out!

Where to next? Find flexible month-to-month rentals across the globe on Anyplace.

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Joe Frabotta

Joe Frabotta


Joe Frabotta is the Director of Marketing at Anyplace. He's a part-time nomad, traveling + working throughout the year but also having a home base in the mountains of Asheville, NC. When he's not working, you'll probably find him playing guitar, doing a section hike on the Appalachian Trail, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

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