A Story of Anyplace and Future Living

What is Anyplace?

Life requires movement. Progress is impossible without it. Yet as free and fluid as today’s technology has made our lives, traditional living options have clipped our wings and grounded us with things like rent, a lease or even (gulp) a mortgage.

At Anyplace, we’re out to change that by providing people with easy, turn-key monthly housing options all over the world. No long-term leases. No buying or moving furniture. No endless screening processes. No landlords. No surprise service or cleaning charges. Just dependable and hassle-free living designed with global citizens in mind.

Many of the properties offered on Anyplace don’t offer 30+ day stays on any other housing marketplaces; we negotiate the exclusive monthly rate for you. Living in an extended-stay hotel, coliving space, or fully-furnished apartment without the commitment just got a whole lot easier.

A Story of Future Living

Hello from Anyplace

Hello! Thank you for visiting Anyplace. If you’re seeing this page, you may be interested in learning how Anyplace was born and what we aim to create.

Founders Story

We started this project since we wanted a service like Anyplace for ourselves. We were stressed about the experience of renting houses; we had been bogged down by endless screening processes and paperwork in order to secure a room too many times. We’d had to commit to long-term contracts, set up utilities/Wi-Fi, and get furniture whenever we moved in or out of a new living arrangement. It was all very taxing.

Live in a Hotel

One day, we came up with the idea of living in a hotel so that we could secure rooms more easily. It would mean that we didn’t have to commit to long-term contracts, set up utilities, or get our own furniture anymore. We could move in or out whenever we wanted. We found that we really enjoyed this turn-key lifestyle.

Flexible Housing

We believe the housing rental experience should be more straightforward and flexible. We want housing worldwide to be as simple and easy to manage as possible. We launched Anyplace in 2017 and set out to "create a world in which people live anyplace".

Why Anyplace Matters

Do people really need our product? We believe three big changes over the past few decades have made flexible housing more of a necessity than ever. These three changes are: 1. Increased remote work, 2. Changing transportation, 3. Longer lifespans.

Remote Work

People’s work styles are changing. Until recently, companies have wanted to manage employees in physical spaces, but most people nowadays don’t want to work in such confined circumstances. Now, we have laptops and collaboration software such as Slack and Zoom; we can work from anywhere. Remote work, it seems, will be more common in a decade than it is now.

Transportation is becoming cheaper and faster. Transportation began with the horse, then the car; now, we have trains and airplanes. As transportation continues to improve, we can expect that people will become increasingly mobile. It will be easier for people to get from city to city, and from country to country.


Our lifespans have been increasing dramatically over the last few decades. This trend will likely continue in the coming decades due to advances in medical technology. We can expect that before too long, it will be common for people to live to be over 100 years old.

Lifestyle Will Change

Imagine what an impact it will have if the world continues to change in these ways. These changes will definitely affect our lifestyles. People don’t want to live in the same place for the long term -- especially if we can work from anywhere, if we can travel more cheaply and quickly, and if we live over 100 years.

Embody Anyplace

We will help people change their lifestyles by making a world in which people can live anyplace; this is why Anyplace exists. It’s why we work hard every day. We work fully remotely, from different countries and cities, and our team is happier for embodying the Anyplace lifestyle!

Join Anyplace

If you like the Anyplace lifestyle, join our movement. We’ll help you to live wherever you want and find flexible housing all over the world. See you soon!

Our Team

Diversity matters. We’re still a small team, but already so diverse and international.

  • Arpit Agarwal
    IOS Engineer
  • Brandy Holdridge
    Customer Experience
  • Daniel Alvarez
    Backend Engineer
  • Divvy Ahronheim
    Listings Coordinator
  • Dyego Souza
    Customer Experience
  • Gisele Suárez
    Listings Coordinator
  • Joe Frabotta
  • Jordan Enskat
    Customer Experience
  • Jorge Reyes
    Listings Coordinator
  • Koichi Tanaka
    Co-Founder & CTO
  • Lucas Javier Juarez
    Full Stack Engineer
  • Marie Vincent
    Partnership Coordinator
  • Martin Broder
    Frontend Engineer
  • Michal Ittah
    Frontend Engineer
  • Nathaniel Amranian
  • Rafael Ayala Lopez
    Head of Operations
  • Remya Pillai
    Backend Engineer
  • Samantha Kitson
    Customer Experience
  • Sarah Archer
    Content Marketing Manager
  • Satoru Steve Naito
    Co-Founder & CEO

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